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August 11, 2012

David Lynn


DAVID LYNN:テつテつ I've led quite a few tournaments over the years, playing on The European Tour for 14 years now, so no stranger to it.
But obviously it's a different kettle of fish at the bigger events.テつ But I mean, that's all just what sort of pressure you put on yourself at the end of the day, just another round of golf around the golf course, so try and eliminate all those sort of things going on around you, just play another round of golf, and that's what it is, end of the day.

Q.テつ Today, anything in particular that spurred this on?
DAVID LYNN:テつ It's all about when you're playing in tricky conditions and stuff, it's all about grinding out and trying to sort of‑‑ if you make a 6‑ , 8‑footer for par, I picked up some of them early on in the round making a few birdies and that continued.
Made a few birdies early on, just spurs you on.テつ I've been feeling really good about my game and today honest yesterday I drove the ball really poorly in the left‑to‑right wind and tried to slow things down a bit today in a left‑to‑right wind.テつ Kept it in play, getting on the greens and making a few putts.
I didn't get the call I was in until Tuesday before, so a week Tuesday before.テつ But I sort of knew off my World Rankings‑‑ and I'd seen it on TV in'91, and looked like a hell of a place.テつ You turn up, and it is.テつ It's a good course, good week so far.
I'm in the island in a lovely villa which has got a lovely bit of decking area sat over the water behind, there's gators, and I literally stood on a gator's head, that's how close they are.テつ I think there's about three different ones come over.テつ They all seem to come over to where we are and one of them is quite a big lad.テつ He's quite scary.

Q.テつ Have you named any of them yet?
DAVID LYNN:テつ Well, the guys I'm staying with have named him Big Dude.

Q.テつ Must be a great experience to come over here?
DAVID LYNN:テつ Yeah, girlfriend over this week, as well.テつ Everything's been fairly relaxed.

Q.テつ And tomorrow?
DAVID LYNN:テつ Different kettle of fish I assume.

Q.テつ How much does that change?
DAVID LYNN:テつ It's how much you start thinking about it, you can get in your own way.テつ I was very relaxed out there and I'd love to go out there and sort of feel that way tomorrow.

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