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August 10, 2012

Alan Morin


ALAN MORIN:テつ I played really good yesterday and I've been playing good, and coming in today, I felt really good.テつ It's just the wind out here, just the wind today was brutal.テつ It was tough.テつ I get over a putt and the wind is jacking me all around.テつ I couldn't really stay still over a putt.テつ I had a hard time even over shots, it's blowing so hard and then some of the wind, the holes are crosswind and you're just trying to keep it in play.テつ You know, and I hit some good shots and they just get pounded by the wind.
I hung in there on the front even though I lost one way right into the wind on one hole and then just a couple‑‑ three or four of the bogeys I made today were short putts where the wind was banging me around and I can't stand steady.テつ It kind of hurts because I played good, and to let it slip away like that, because I hung in there, I figured it was going to maybe 5 or 6.テつ And I made a good par, a good up‑and‑down on 10 and then you know, I made a par on 11.テつ I made a birdie on 12.テつ I think 12 I made a birdie, so I'm like, all right, cool.テつ Let's try and do something and just turn it around.
The holes coming in, they were such a cross wind.テつ You can't start it out far enough right to allow it to come back.テつ I hit some good shots, but I had putts for par or whatever but the wind just bounces you around and you can't really stay steady over the ball long enough to keep the putter square.テつ And then it's just hard to keep it online and you're just pounding around like that.

Q.テつ Coming in, did you have a shot into the par 5, the par5 coming in, did you have a chance on that hole?
ALAN MORIN:テつ No, I didn't even‑‑ I think I bogeyed 14.テつ Then I had 150 in on 15 and I hit a nice 9‑iron and landed pin‑high and kicked over the green.テつ So right there, that just kind of took the wind out of my sails, just like, whatever, we are at this number now, let's just get in, Joost is playing good.テつ I just wanted to stay out of his way.テつ He was playing good.テつ Just it was fun to watch that and be a part of that the first two days, especially when he was leading and all the cameras and stuff, that was pretty good.
Hopefully some of the guys back home in the South Florida section saw us on TV.
This year I felt really good about it, because I played here in 2005 when we had the club pro here, so I knew the place.テつ Plus I knew the grass, being in South Florida, we have quite a few places that have paspalum on their golf courses, and I felt comfortable on it.テつ And it just‑‑ the wind just kicked my butt today.テつテつ That's all it was, because I was swinging good, and hit a lot of good shots, but just your ball is at the mercy of the wind once it gets up there, and it's a crap shot, it really is.テつ You throw it out there and you hope it works.

Q.テつ Getting here was a big achievement.
ALAN MORIN:テつ Yeah, that was a huge achievement just to get here, definitely.テつ And I enjoyed representing our South Florida section, and hopefully one of these times I'll get through this, but I really like my chances this year.テつ I felt really good coming in here, and just to get smacked around by the wind to ruin my chances kind of bums me out a little bit.

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