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August 10, 2012

Marty Jertson


Q.テつ How were conditions for you?
MARTY JERTSON:テつ It was very fair.テつ The wind was blowing.テつ It was built like the course was supposed to play, with tough left‑to‑right winds.テつ Those were the toughest holes,6 through 13.テつ Those tee shots were really tough.テつ But it was fair.テつ If you were hitting the ball good, you could score.テつ I wanted it to blow, because I needed the cut to move way up, and it did.テつ Under par was out there.テつ If I would have played good, I would have had a chance to make it.テつ In fact, I could have shot 2‑under, realistic.テつ But if you're marginal on your ball striking and you struggle off the tee, that was probably the toughest thing today.テつ It was ferocious out there.

Q.テつ If you can talk about how the whole experience has been for you out here?
MARTY JERTSON:テつ It was fun.テつ I had a lot more fun this year.テつ I think I was not as strung out as I was last year, so I enjoyed it a lot more.テつ I was a lot more relaxed.テつ I was nervous but felt like I had a chance to get myself in the mix if I had played my AGame, and I didn't.テつ But for me, the key is driving it and just out here, the tee shots ‑‑ and last year, too, last year was probably a lot more intimidating off the tee than this year with the wind.
I learned a lot, and that's what you have to do. Golf is a never ending journey, even 59‑year‑old guys are playing out here, so I could be getting in one 30 years from now which is tough to think.
Yeah, I learned a lot, and it was a good test, but it was very fair.

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