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August 10, 2012

Marcel Siem


Q.テつ Satisfying day or not?

Q.テつ No?
MARCEL SIEM:テつ No, I played really, really good, and on 10 and 11 and 18 I made the only bad shots off the tee.テつ They were actually not that bad and the wind didn't take them back to the fairways and I had horrible lies on‑‑ on 10 I was in the right just in front of that thing and I had so much mud on the ball and I couldn't get up‑and‑down.
On 11 I hit it just in front of the bank and hit an 8‑iron out there and I couldn't reach with a 3‑wood after that.テつ It was a bit of a shame.
On 18 I hit it left but I thought it was in the sand again, which is no problem.テつ But this little lip of the bunker comes into the sand and it was right on top in the bushes there.テつ It was the only three shots it was a little bit of a shame there, and I didn't make any putts in two rounds, as well.テつ All the birdies I made were like that, all putts for eagle, two‑putted, and under nine foot.テつ I didn't hole one putt in two rounds.テつ I made two good par putts from eight foot or something, like I said.テつ I'm a little bit upset about that.テつ But on the other hand it was really tough out there, and‑‑

Q.テつ You must have hit the ball amazing to have gotten that score and not putted well in these conditions.
MARCEL SIEM:テつ I'm quite happy, because the Open Championship and last week, I tried to take a bit of pressure off me because everybody started talking about Ryder Cup, and it was the first time that I'm in that position that I have a chance to be in the Ryder Cup.テつ I didn't know how to handle that.
I said to myself, just don't think about it, don't talk about it.テつ This week I was just‑‑ no man's land in a way, I didn't have any goals.テつ British Open is such an exciting golf tournament, and I didn't have any goals.テつ I just wanted to play golf as good as I can, and that's not me.テつ I said to my coach, come on, I need some pressure.テつ Let's talk a little about the Ryder Cup, and I want to play for it now the next two weeks and try to get in there.テつ I mean, the next Ryder Cup is in two years.テつ I talk a lot about Ryder Cup now, which I'm pretty far away from that anyway points wise, but this is my goal now.テつ I just want to go for it.

Q.テつ You had a bad first round at the Open and again at the WGC, so you must feel some frustrating situations today, but you're in there, two really good rounds.
MARCEL SIEM:テつ Yeah, yeah.テつ I mean, the Open Championship I had just a really bad finish in the first round and missed the cut by one shot in the end.テつ The wind dropped in the afternoon, so I thought I had a chance, but I didn't make it.テつ Last week 6‑over, triple bogey on the 16th or whatever it was, and yeah.テつ So I'm really pleased that I have a little bit of a run again and get the confidence building up again, which is important, especially in conditions like that.
And I've never been a good wind player, and this year in France when I won there was quite a bit of wind, as well.テつ Getting better in the wind conditions, I like that.テつ That's good.

Q.テつ How much has that done for you, that win in France, confidence wise?
MARCEL SIEM:テつ Quite a bit.テつ The last two weeks took a lot of confidence off me again, so this is‑‑ golf is so quickly, those things go both ways.テつ It's just a shame that Sunday, this particular Sunday when I won, doesn't stick around you the whole time, those feelings.テつ The 6‑over last week on Thursday, that was horrible.テつ It was the first time playing this tournament, and you get punched in your face straight away.
You try to get back and play aggressive but this golf course doesn't give you any birdies that easy.テつ I hope my putter is working on the weekend and maybe you see me on the board.

Q.テつ You've had two this week and last week two massive weeks in the States.テつ Is that an adjustment to be here in America with the best players in the world?
MARCEL SIEM:テつ I really love it actually to play those tournaments.テつ That's what I was always working for.テつ It's just really nice when you play with the big players, as well.テつ You get a bit of the crowds around, and I think I worked myself into the tournament now a little bit, so I've got to play with the big players now on the weekend, and it's going to cheer me up even more, and hopefully I show a little bit of fist pump again when the putter is getting a bit warmer because I couldn't do any fist pumps in two weeks.テつ It's been horrible for me.

Q.テつ You get the Americans going?
MARCEL SIEM:テつ Yeah, that's what they're waiting for, as well.テつ I like it over here.テつ I read Nicholas Colsaerts' interview yesterday or two days ago, it was an awesome interview on the European Tour website, and he loves it over here, as well, and there's a bunch of guys that actually love it over here playing with the big ones and getting the crowds with us.テつ I don't hit it as long as he does, but my fist pumping helps.

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