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August 10, 2012

Aaron Baddeley


Q.テつ You're still roundabout there after what's going to happen today, so just regroup and practice a bit in the wind or will you just let it go?
AARON BADDELEY:テつ Just let it go.テつ Can't really do a whole lot in this wind I don't think.テつ So it was just disappointing to make a 3‑putt on the last.テつテつ That was disappointing.テつ But I played well overall today in difficult conditions, hung in there.

Q.テつ Obviously the wind is going to affect all aspects of the game, even on the putting greens, as you're standing over a putt, feeling the wind, does that make you question your reads a little bit and make you feel a little more uncomfortable?
AARON BADDELEY:テつ You have to play for it.テつ You have to play for the wind and you have to play on the greens, might be a straight putt, but with the wind hard off the left, you've got to aim left edge.テつ It's not easy out there.

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