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August 10, 2012

Matt Dobyns


Q.テつ Tell us about your experience?
MATT DOBYNS:テつ The experience was something I'll never forget.テつ It's obviously not the result that I wanted.テつ I wanted to play better golf.テつ I wanted to make more birdies.テつ I wanted to kind of represent the people that wanted me to do well a little bit better than I did.テつ But this golf course is very difficult, and playing under the pressure of a major is something that I never experienced before.
I'm going to take every moment of the week with me and hopefully in the future, if I ever get the opportunity to play again, I'll be a little bit more prepared.

Q.テつ Where would you rank this?
MATT DOBYNS:テつ This is No. 1 for me.テつ I think the golf course, with the conditions, with the length, really make it, by far, the hardest golf course I've ever played, especially if you factor in the fact that it's a major.

Q.テつ This week, a lot of distractions, you come in the champion, and on a great ride so far.テつ How would you sum up this week?
MATT DOBYNS:テつ The week is really magical to me, because it's a lifelong dream to play in a major.テつ It's been a career goal of mine since I've became a PGA pro.テつ And to accomplish that means a lot to me.
Not happy with the way I finished, where I finished in the field, but I'm going to take the experience in a hundred percent positive light, and I know I learned a lot about myself and how I'll react to different conditions, and I think it's going to help me along the way.

Q.テつ You had quite a partner today, and the last couple days, Josテδゥ Maria Olazテδ。bal.
MATT DOBYNS:テつ It's amazing, you watch him around the greens, and you hear things about him because he's a two‑time Major Champion and you hear his reputation in terms of his game, and he exceeded my expectations in terms of the kind of touch he had around the greens.テつ You can see the tenacity.テつ You can see the fight in him.テつ You can really see the kind of guy you would want to have on your team, which probably makes him such an effective Ryder Cupper all these years.
It was an honor to play with him and he was a very gracious person to play with, as well.

Q.テつ 20 club professionals are in this championship representing sections around the country and they represent your fellow members who couldn't get here.
MATT DOBYNS:テつ That's what we try to do, all 20 of us, and I was really hoping that one of us would be able to play some of our best golf these two days and be in the mix going into the weekend.テつ That was the only real goal I had was for somebody to be in the mix there.テつ Looks like we have a chance at a guy making the cut and finishing strong, which would be nice.
It means a lot, I think, to come here and just the way we conduct ourselves and show people kind of how much we care about the game, how much we appreciate being here and how much The PGA of America means to the game of golf.テつ In that way, we are all very honored to be here representing each and every PGA professional around the country.

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