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August 10, 2012

Kelly Mitchum


Q.テつ What was it like this round?
KELLY MITCHUM:テつ Hardest round I've ever played, I think, condition wise, golf course wise, unbelievable.

Q.テつ It lived up to its ranking?
KELLY MITCHUM:テつ Yeah, those guys who shoot even, under par today, they can play.

Q.テつ This was not so much‑‑ it was more the golf course in the circumstances with the wind that compounded your problems?
KELLY MITCHUM:テつ I started on the back nine, and the first four holes out of the gate were as tough as I've ever played back‑to‑back to back‑to‑back.テつ I only missed one shot, and I was 5‑over going into the par‑3.テつ I mean, I did what I could do.テつ It's just playing hard.テつ You had to really control your golf ball. テつI hit a good drive on the 10th hole and had 3‑wood in.
You know, I'm just not long enough for these conditions going against the wind.

Q.テつ This week for you, just sum up your feelings about the week.
KELLY MITCHUM:テつ Yeah, score wise I would have liked to have played better, but experience wise it was a great week.テつ The first day we had calm conditions, so the golf course wasn't like it played today.テつ Even though it was tough it was interesting and a neat experience to go through playing a golf course that played this hard, this difficult.テつ I played with a gentleman that played really well today, and to watch him work his way around the golf course, I learned a lot.

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