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August 10, 2012

Mark Brown


Q.テつ Where does this rank in the hardest golf courses you've had to play?
MARK BROWN:テつ That length, No. 1, by far.テつ Not only was it windy out there, but the golf course we are playing is just‑‑ there's no room.テつ With the wind blowing that hard, you can make some big numbers, which I did today.テつ I would say No. 1.
And I know I practiced one morning with one wind and as soon as I get to the other wind, I have no clue.

Q.テつ What positives do you take from the week?
MARK BROWN:テつ Just being here with my family and friends.テつ I travel with my friend and caddie, Steve, and we worked on a lot of good stuff.テつ It was there on the range, today, anyway and I thought it carried over but it was just brutal.

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