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August 10, 2012

Mitch Lowe


Q.テつ Today out on the golf course, it seemed like the conditions were much more severe, but you turned in the same score.テつ How were you able to manage the golf course and keep everything under control?
MITCH LOWE:テつ The last two days, you know, for me, I missed a couple shots in the wrong spot.テつ Made another triple.テつ The last few days, I hit the ball really good for me.テつ I just didn't score very well.テつ I didn't make enough putts.テつ Yeah, it was kind of the same round actually, although the conditions were tougher.

Q.テつ With all of the wind out there, that obviously affects every phase of the game, even on the putting greens when you're standing over your ball, you can feel the wind; do you have to factor that into your putting reads?
MITCH LOWE:テつ Definitely not so much‑‑ I think into the wind the greens were really slow.テつ Downwind, you had to factor in more wind, for sure.

Q.テつ As an instructor moving forward, what are some things that you take away from this, and teach people down the road?
MITCH LOWE:テつ I think it's always a learning process, playing and then being able to play with Blake for two days was fantastic.テつ He really played well.テつ Managed his game well.テつ You know, he hit the shots that he thought he could hit, and even in tough conditions, he was phenomenal today.
So, yeah, I think most of my teaching goes into not just golf swing, but preparation, practice, and then course management.テつ So picked up more stuff this week.テつ It was good.

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