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August 9, 2012

Daniel Nestor


6‑4, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:テつ A little while ago, Daniel and Max Mirnyi advanced to the quarterfinals here, and also qualified for the year‑end Barclays ATP World Tour in London.テつ It's Daniel's 14th appearance in the year‑end finale.
We'll open up for questions.

Q.テつ Did you win?

Q.テつ What was the score and tell us about the match?
DANIEL NESTOR:テつ Brad Gilbert style.テつ (Laughter.)テつ It was pretty bad.テつ We were lucky.

Q.テつ Give us the details, the score, the breaks, how...
DANIEL NESTOR:テつ Where were you?

Q.テつ They wouldn't let me in.テつ I waited there for a half an hour and they wouldn't let me in.
DANIEL NESTOR:テつ Yeah, right.テつ You were here in the lounge the whole time eating dinner.

Q.テつ So some details about the match?
DANIEL NESTOR:テつ As I said, it wasn't the prettiest match.テつ We got a couple let cords on some key points in the first and second to break.テつ Just maybe tough conditions with‑‑ the it was kind of dark in there and no one was really on their game.
We just hung in there and served well at the right time and saved some break points on some good serves.テつ Typical doubles match, you know.テつ Not much difference between the two teams, and we just happened to win one or two of the bigger points actually more by luck than playing well.

Q.テつ Do you prefer getting moved out there and actually getting to play rather than having to wait?
DANIEL NESTOR:テつ I didn't mind considering our opponents.テつ I thought we had an advantage playing against them indoors.テつ I guess it held true.テつ I guess for the tournament it's good to get some matches out of the way if they can.
Might be the same scenario tomorrow because I know they're not going to put singles inside, so we might play more doubles inside.

Q.テつ Talk as player about what it's like on a day like this when you're not sure when you're going to be on the court.テつ How frustrating is it not knowing what's going to happen?
DANIEL NESTOR:テつ Yeah, it can be pretty frustrating.テつ It's been like this for a couple months now.テつ French Open there was some dodgy weather; Wimbledon pretty much the whole month was raining on and off.テつ We had pretty much rain every day in London, so it's just something you have to deal with and be ready.テつ You know, try and get a warmup in indoors and be ready when your time is called and just try and stay positive.
You understand that this is out of your control.テつ You know, if you're negative with things you can't control you're in big trouble.テつ So I guess when you're older it's just something you deal with it a little bit better.

Q.テつ Speaking of being older, Bob Bryan was saying in London that they're planning to go play in Rio in 2016.テつ The point I think he was making is if Nestor can play at 50, they can keep playing as well.テつ What keeps you motivated, and is it the fact that you can still reach a year‑end final like the O2 again this year for the 14th time?
DANIEL NESTOR:テつ I'm pretty competitive.テつ You know, I realize this is what I do best and.テつ You know, I like playing the Grand Slams.テつ I like to try and do well in the Grand Slams.
You know, not frustrated that I've done well at the French, but more surprised than anything.テつ I'm wondering why I haven't done so well at Wimbledon which is a better surface for me, or the US Open last year.
So that's a goal of mine, to do better at the US Open, and, you know, just try and play my best in the big events and do my best in the Grand Slams especially.
I think maybe when I was younger didn't play so well on some of finals that I got to early on, and so I feel like I'm trying to try to make up for lost time, perhaps.

Q.テつ As a doubles player, I was wondering, are you following the same training program similar to a singles player, and how important is it to be in good physical shape out there?
DANIEL NESTOR:テつ Well, I wouldn't say the same.テつ Obviously you have to work harder to play singles.テつ It's a lot more stamina.テつ Doubles is pretty explosive, but the points are a lot shorter and more quick reflexes, quick thinking kind of thing.
But definitely fitness has been more important.テつ Over the last eight to ten years I think the game has definitely slowed down in the early 2000s and became much more physical.テつ Whether it's singles or doubles, guys are getting bigger and stronger, hitting the ball harder.
The balls are slower and the courts are slower, so you have to be ready to deal with longer rallies and more balls coming back than perhaps in the '90s.テつ So I think, yeah, for sure fitness is something I focus on a little bit more in the last few years than actual tennis, I think.

Q.テつ What do you need to do in preparation for your next match?
DANIEL NESTOR:テつ Just try and figure out some things we could have done better today.テつ We talked about it already.テつ We know what to expect against these guys; we've played them before.
If we play them indoors, it'll be a quick match, a lot of faster points, trying to get to the net as quick as possible.
If we play them outside there is going to be some longer rallies.テつ They like to serve and stay back and hit the crosscourts.
If we serve well and execute, we have a good chance to beat anyone.テつ If we play like we did today, it's going to be a grind.

Q.テつ For today's match, since it was pushed back, how do you keep yourself ready?テつ Do you go and practice?テつ Go over game plans of what to do?
DANIEL NESTOR:テつ Today as a little bit strange because usually they don't cancel all the singles and then just prioritize the doubles. テつThere wasn't that much time to get over there and warm up and go straight on the court.
Basically that's what we did.テつ Might have had 15 minutes in between the warmup and the match.テつ Perhaps that was the reason why we weren't so ready during the match.
But, you know, today was a little bit unique.テつ Obviously could happen tomorrow, so we'll be more prepared.
THE MODERATOR:テつ What are your thoughts about going back to defend the title in London?
DANIEL NESTOR:テつ Yeah, I mean, for whatever reason I've had success there the last two years.テつ I really like playing there.テつ The event is amazing.テつ It's a great place to play.テつ Whether it's singles or doubles it's well recepted.
I think we're going to be hopefully one of the top two teams going in.テつ Right now, any time you're ranked No. 1 or in a dogfight with the Bryans for that position this late in the season you've done something well, so we're happy to be back and hopefully we can maintain that No. 1 ranking.

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