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August 10, 2012

Luke Donald


LUKE DONALD:テつ 10 was a bad hole.テつ I hit it right into a waste bunker, caught a bad lie.

Q.テつ You didn't see any wind like this during the practice rounds.テつ The fact that it changed like this for today's play, how hard was that?
LUKE DONALD:テつ Yeah, certainly it didn't play anything like the practice days, so you had to really adapt.テつ I was talking with my caddie on the range if I would have rather had 2‑iron in to hit it a little bit lower.テつ I was thinking about putting that in and didn't.テつ We should have.テつ The course changed quite a bit and you had to adapt.

Q.テつ 17 was a hole you had‑‑
LUKE DONALD:テつ Yeah, two tee shots I thought I hit pretty well.テつ Yesterday hard right‑to‑left wind, and the ball hung out there and hit on the edge of the green, rolled into the water.テつ Today I hit my line, hit where I wanted to.テつ It just rolled into the bunker.テつ Hit a pretty good shot and just missed the putt.テつ Again, it wasn't too many more executed shots, it's just one of those weeks.テつ I actually played decently this week and got nothing out of it.

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