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August 10, 2012

Hee Kyung Seo


THE MODERATOR:  I'd like to welcome Hee Kyung Seo into the interview room.  I know you had six birdies today during your round.  Can you take me through what went well for you out there.
HEE KYUNG SEO:  At the beginning of the round, it was little rough to me.  My driver was right and left, so I had to find the feeling of the shot.
But the good thing was the ball was hitting at the open area so I didn't have to make a tricky shot or from the rough.  I had very comfortable shot.
The one more good thing is I made a lot of birdie opportunities that I had.  So I only got 26 putts today.  That's why I think I made a really good score.
THE MODERATOR:  Is this your first time in Toledo?
THE MODERATOR:  How do you like it?
HEE KYUNG SEO:  I like it.  There are not many spectators out there, but everyone is cheering for us and everyone is very kind‑ful, so I really like it.
THE MODERATOR:  It was drizzling at the beginning of your round.  Did that affect you?
HEE KYUNG SEO:  It was hard.  I had to put my jacket on and off.  It was hard to concentrate a little bit.  I feel a little rough because I had to put my jacket and off.
After maybe five or six holes later, it was okay.
THE MODERATOR:  This would be your first victory in a couple years.  What are your thoughts heading into the weekend?
HEE KYUNG SEO:  Really I want to be first win as a member.  I had lots of, you know, this situation when I was playing Korea, so I'm very get used to it.  I'll just wait for what's going to happen and try to do my best.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you.
HEE KYUNG SEO:  Thank you.

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