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August 10, 2012

Jamie Donaldson


Q.テつ You don't like to shoot over par but you have to say that today was a pretty good round out there.
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ Yeah, it was really difficult.テつ We had a lot of wind at the start but it just got a little bit more windy towards the end.テつ We played the last holes, that you think you have a chance towards the end where it's blowing downwind, but the wind was so strong, you just couldn't get near flags or greens.テつ It was a result if you actually hit the green on the downwind holes.テつ That's just showing how tough it is out there.テつ Just a brutal test of golf.

Q.テつ What's the toughest part and what's the toughest challenge about the conditions like this?
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ It's just staying patient.テつ It's just so hard reading the green, never mind getting near the flag, when you have to get up‑and‑down from there.テつ The whole thing is very difficult, and frustrating at times.テつ You've just got to stay patient and keep hitting good shots and putting yourself in position.

Q.テつ What do you think the guys going out this afternoon are going to face?
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ It's windy, a little bit more than when we started.テつ It's so difficult and with rain coming in, you don't get a much harder test of golf than this golf course.テつテつ So it's just a brutal test.

Q.テつ How do you feel about your position going into the weekends?
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ We have two more days to grind.テつ Just try to take it one shot at a time and stay in the short stuff and see if we can make a few birdies.

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