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August 9, 2012

Bill Murchison


Q.テつ Difficult round today.テつ Just talk about some of the challenges and how it went out there.
BILL MURCHISON:テつ Yeah, I just didn't have my driver swing.テつ I haven't had it for about a month now, so it's been a struggle.テつ I was hitting my irons fine, I just didn't have a driver.テつ If you don't have a driver on this golf course, forget it.テつ I hit three balls in the hazard with driver and probably only hit three fairways all day, so if you don't hit a fairway out here, you're going to make lots of bogeys.

Q.テつ Talk just about the experience of being here, playing this course, getting to be with so many great players around here.
BILL MURCHISON:テつ No, it's just what an awesome experience.テつ This is a blast.テつ I'm having a good time even though I'm struggling with the driver.テつ I'm having a good time, and it's good to see what those guys are doing on the golf course and what I can work on just watching them, what they do.テつ I'm going to learn from this and work hard and get ready for the next one.

Q.テつ Have you gotten a lot of support from your club members at home and friends and family and that kind of thing?
BILL MURCHISON:テつ Yeah, yeah, definitely.テつ I had a good gallery out there today, a bunch of club members came out and got a bunch of family in town, as well, so we're having a good time here.

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