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August 9, 2012

Rod Perry


ROD PERRY:テつ Really nice.テつ Made one bad swing there on 13, still salvaged bogey.テつ But made a nice birdie coming in.テつ So even on that side, made the turn, missed a couple kind of makeable putts there early on that front nine, and the momentum kind of left me coming in.テつ It was blowing pretty good left to right, and I just missed a couple putts.

Q.テつ What's the experience been like for you?
ROD PERRY:テつ Yeah, it's awesome.テつ We get treated like royalty, driving a $95,000 car this week, which is probably worth more than my house is right now.テつ I have my whole family here, my wife and two kids, so that's probably the most meaningful thing.テつ Eating like a king, sleeping good, so it's all good.

Q.テつ You had a long wait since you qualified for this.
ROD PERRY:テつ A couple weeks.テつ We had maybe a month and a half, two months, so I was fortunate enough, I came up here and played one time on the good graces of the club.テつ So that was really nice to come up and see it and enjoy Charleston and certainly the island.テつ It's a great place.

Q.テつ You feel a lot of love and support from back home?
ROD PERRY:テつ Sure, yeah, the members at crane lakes, everyone in the North Florida PGA, and then all my family and friends all around the country, tons of emails and texts, even from people that don't play golf, people are watching.テつ So it's an exciting‑‑ for me it was an exciting week, and for golf, too, and for the club.

Q.テつ Will you be more relaxed tomorrow?
ROD PERRY: テつYeah, pretty relaxed today.テつ I've got my boy Jason on the bag, and I don't think his pulse ever changes.テつ I kind of take it from him.テつ He never gets excited, and that's kind of the road I try to follow.テつ 11 events total out here, so getting more comfortable every time, and that has a lot to do with it.

Q.テつ You started to talk about relaxation and comfort.テつ Talk about being on the tee surrounded by the greatest players in the world.
ROD PERRY:テつ Well, it's obviously not what I do full‑time.テつ I mean, I'm fortunate that my position in golf allows me to play a lot, so I do play quite a few competitive rounds of golf every year.テつ For me I try to downplay it.テつ I don't think about the purse, I don't think what‑if, I don't let myself get ahead of the next shot.テつ Unfortunately I've had to make those mistakes all in the past, and hopefully I don't make any more of those in the future.テつ It's really just the shot at hand, and that's it.

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