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August 9, 2012

Rickie Fowler


Q.テつ What happened with this little rules issue?
RICKIE FOWLER:テつ Yeah, the ball moved in the middle of the stroke.

Q.テつ They gave you a penalty?
RICKIE FOWLER:テつ Yeah, because I couldn't say‑‑ well, I couldn't really say that it was 100 percent that the wind moved it.

Q.テつ Really?テつ Wait a minute, let's back up for a second.テつ It's, what, 20, 25 miles an hour wind out here?テつ At what point are you supposed to know for sure that the wind is the reason?
RICKIE FOWLER:テつ I couldn't give them 100 percent.

Q.テつ But it's not 100 percent.テつ That's not the standard.
RICKIE FOWLER:テつ Yeah, that rule changed.

Q.テつ But the change is still‑‑ it's a pretty heavy burden, but still, it's blowing out here.テつ Are they suggesting this wind is not good enough to blow a ball?
RICKIE FOWLER:テつ Well, it was more to the point where I couldn't‑‑ not that he was saying you have to prove it, but I just never‑‑ I didn't feel like that was the exact cause or why it moved.

Q.テつ So if you didn't think that was the exact cause, what do you think the exact cause was?
RICKIE FOWLER:テつ I mean, it could have been on the edge of a spike mark, could have just rolled over on me.

Q.テつ Did you sign your card first?
RICKIE FOWLER:テつ Yeah, I had to wait for the rules official.

Q.テつ Oh, you waited before you signed it?
RICKIE FOWLER:テつ Well, it didn't matter because I brought it up.テつ I just had to go over‑‑ it just‑‑ it didn't roll hardly at all.

Q.テつ Did you look on TV?

Q.テつ So it was your choice to call it on yourself?

Q.テつ How did you know it moved?
RICKIE FOWLER:テつ I'm looking straight down at the ball, and kind of in the middle of my back stroke it moved.

Q.テつ So you called it on yourself?

Q.テつ And then David price came?

Q.テつ And you guys talked it over?

Q.テつ And he asked you if you could be basically certain that the wind was the reason and you said you couldn't, so they just docked you a stroke?
RICKIE FOWLER:テつ That's still how the rule is written, so...

Q.テつ Supposedly they've kind of addressed the rule, and then they went to Augusta and they sat down and talked about it and almost changed it back to what it was.
RICKIE FOWLER:テつ Yeah, it's not like I'm trying to improve my lie on the green.

Q.テつ How far was the putt?
RICKIE FOWLER:テつ 25 feet.

Q.テつ It moved on the first one?

Q.テつ I thought maybe it moved on the‑‑
RICKIE FOWLER:テつ Yeah, I was trying to get it a little closer to the hole (laughing).

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