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August 9, 2012

Danny Balin


Q.テつ Talk about your round today, highlight had to be 17, talk about the round as a whole?
DANNY BALIN:テつ I played solid.テつ I didn't hit the driver very well on the front nine, so I missed a lot of greens.テつ But I putted it pretty good.テつ Although I had two 3‑putts, I still played solid.
You know, not hitting the driver‑‑ held it together on the front nine, could have been a lot worse.テつテつ Just made one bad swing on 13 into the water and made double.テつ Held on from there.
Ended up making birdie on 17, which was great from seven feet.テつ Hit a little bit past the pin and had about a seven footer up the hill.テつ That was cool.テつ The first two PGAs, I didn't really hear the galleries cheering, so it was nice to get them roaring once.

Q.テつ Mark Brown said that you helped him yesterday.テつ He's 6‑over and he said that he was 4‑over on the last three holes; he had something going there for a while, and he said that you gave him a tip and he tried it on the range this morning and it really helped him.
DANNY BALIN:テつ I did that a couple of weeks ago at the club pro, too.テつ We were out on the black horse and he was struggling with his driver and I showed him a little something and he ended up making the cut and made it to Kiawah.テつ Last night he was struggling, gave him a little bit of a tip.テつ Didn't really work for me today but I'm glad that it worked for him.

Q.テつ What are your thoughts for tomorrow?
DANNY BALIN:テつ I mean, I want to play good.テつ I want to play my game.テつ Like I said, I didn't hit the driver very well the first nine holes today, and you know, I shot 2‑over.テつ It could have been even or a couple under.
So I struggled with it but I kind of found it on the last six or seven holes, which helped me out a little bit.テつ Hopefully tomorrow morning I'll be able to get out there, play a good round and maybe give us a chance to make the cut.

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