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August 9, 2012

Jeff Coston


JEFF COSTON:テつ Good day, good day.テつ I'm happy I'm here.テつ I'm happy I get to tee it up here.テつ I'm almost 57 years old, I'm Benjamin Button so I'm getting better with age.テつ I'm disappointed because I made 6 on the last hole to be honest with you.
So that's never any fun, right.テつ But good day.

Q.テつ What did you do well today, just keep it in play?
JEFF COSTON:テつ Yeah, that's a great question.テつ I think I started off with a little adversity, so I did well because I wasn't overcome by the adversity early in the day.テつ I putted well and was patient, got up‑and‑down a few times, and then got myself settled down and started playing golf like I'm capable of.テつ Yeah, did a lot of good things, hit a lot of good bunker shots, a lot of good pitches, hit some good drives.テつ Yeah, shoot, should have gotten a couple strokes on the last hole.
I think seniors, I should have been up a couple tees or got a couple strokes or a few more clubs or one free throw or something like that, two free kicks, and go from there.

Q.テつ Having played this course before, what kind of advantages did you feel there, and then also what were maybe some things that felt different out there today from your past experiences?
JEFF COSTON:テつ Well, I really like this golf course, and the people from South Carolina are some of my favorite people.テつ It's just a great venue, all that jazz.テつ I played here in 2005 and '07, but it wasn't set up like this.テつ The greens were different.テつ The layout is the same, although it's like way longer.テつ I can remember 17 I hit a 5‑wood in 2007 at the Senior PGA I hit a 5‑iron, and I'm at least as as long as I was then.テつ That's crazy, right?テつ I hit a 5‑wood my second shot on 18 today, and I remember the last round I hit a 7‑iron, right?テつ So it's different.
But I need to get in and do a few more push‑ups here.テつ I've only done 1,000 today, so I need another 500, I think.

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