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June 16, 1998

Doug Brown

Joe Juneau


Q. The game was off to a good start, you did that.

JOE JUNEAU: Again, we managed to take a lot of shots. We kind of started off the game a better way than we did in the past, but it's one nothing to them again.

Q. You were one of the guys that came out and said that some of the other guys were not giving the effort that maybe they should have been, did you sense more effort in that first period?

JOE JUNEAU: I don't think it's the will to compete. I think it's maybe more than the fact that the -- some guys are nervous. But I think everybody wants to win, everybody wants to play. But I don't think everything has given their best so far.


Q. The reason the Red Wings are ahead by one is the shot by Doug Brown. You're having a great Final. Second big goal, but you had to withstand a lot of pressure from Washington early.

DOUG BROWN: You knew they were going to come out and play well and they did. They came out and got some quick shots on the board and were hitting an awful lot and we just had to pick up a step and try and go a little faster and so far it's a pretty even battle out there.

Q. You certainly did pick up a step. It looks like the whole team went through that initial stage. Fedorov is really flying.

DOUG BROWN: He certainly is. He's been playing great. You see him draw a speedy line up and then create so many opportunities.

Q. Are you expecting in the next period Washington to come out like early in the game?

DOUG BROWN: Sure. They're going to play desperate hockey. It's the Finals and especially because they're down by three, it's going to be a good period.

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