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August 9, 2012

Chris Stroud


Q.テつ Can you talk first just about you didn't know if you'd be here and just getting that call and finding out that you'd be playing this week?
CHRIS STROUD:テつ You know, this was a little different.テつ Last year I was second alternate in Atlanta, and Paul Goydos was first alternate two weeks before, and he stayed there all week.テつ So last year was a little different.テつ I went out last year and didn't get in.テつ This year was a little different.テつ I knew Ben Crane was hurt.テつ He's a good buddy of mine.テつ We've been keeping in touch with his wife and his caddie, and we knew there was a small chance of him playing.テつ He was going to have to recover pretty quick.
I was definitely preparing to play.テつ I came out here with the notion that no question I was going to play golf, and I prepared just like any other event.
He definitely waited a little longer than I expected, but I'm sure everybody else would have done that.テつ But I hope he feels better and gets better because I know how bad that can be.
I'm happy to be here, and I'm starting to play some good golf and starting to come back around just in time for the FedEx.

Q.テつ You talked about the preparation.テつ Just talk a little bit about how the round went for you today and how the course was playing.
CHRIS STROUD:テつ The course is playing easy compared to what it can play.テつ I think that's about as easy as we're going to see.テつ Nothing against what they did.テつ They set it up great.テつ The pins were very, very tucked.テつ The wind was down, and it was soft, it was a little wet.テつ But with today's wind and dry conditions, it should dry‑‑ hopefully it doesn't rain too much more.テつ I would like to see this golf course get really, really hard and see if we can bring that score back down to about 4 to 8‑under for the win.テつ My goal is to shoot 2‑under a round and get to 8‑under for the week.テつ I think that's a great score for this golf course for four rounds, but we'll see.

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