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August 9, 2012

Meredith Duncan


THE MODERATOR:  I'd like to welcome Meredith Duncan into the interview room.  Meredith, nice round, 5‑under par.  Can you just take me through the day?
MEREDITH DUNCAN:  I just tried to hit fairways and greens.  I'm hitting it pretty short right now, just because I'm hitting it shorter.  Got a bad back.  I just tried to literally hit it in the fairway and hit the middle of the green.  These greens are pretty small.  So unless I've got a wedge in the green, I have a hybrid, and just hit it to the middle one and see what happens.

Q.  You had a bit of an up‑and‑down year.
MEREDITH DUNCAN:  Mostly down.

Q.  How does it feel to play well and start out like you have?
MEREDITH DUNCAN:  It feels good.  I didn't do anything spectacular today, made a couple of long putts.  But it was nice to hit solid shots.  That's what my caddie talked about.  Let's pick a club and hit a solid shot to the middle of the green.
We're not necessarily worried about the total direction of the ball, just at the middle of the green.  If it draws a little bit, then the left side of the green, if it cuts a little bit, then the right side of the green.  So it's nice to execute that.

Q.  Veering off today.  I know during your time on the Tour you've made quite a few funny photos that you posted on YouTube?
MEREDITH DUNCAN:  I just like to people watch.  Who doesn't like to people watch?  You can people watch anywhere in the world.  So I happen to have my flip camera and catch people doing people‑watching things.
You can see all kinds of things on the road, and I try to eat at local restaurants.  You just see lots of really crazy things in this world.  I always like to have my camera ready in case there is somebody doing something crazy, and there usually is.

Q.  You said you had back problems.  Could you elaborate a little bit?
MEREDITH DUNCAN:  I just had a lot of stuff going on.  Couple of disc problems, some nerve stuff going on.  It's been bad for a few years.  It just hasn't really gotten any better.  I've had three epidurals this year.  The first one really helped.  The second two really haven't done much.  So I just try to take it easy and be productive.

Q.  This course is always conducive to scoring.  Were the greens receptive?  I mean, there was some rain overnight.
MEREDITH DUNCAN:  Yeah, definitely.  You could just about, like I said, I'm hitting it shorter right now.  So I had a lot of hybrids into the greens.  The fronts, if you played it 5 or 6 short of the green, you could bounce it up pretty easily.
So I hit quite a few hybrids where I would just play short of the green and try to hit a soiled shot and let it bounce up.  That's what it did.

Q.  In general, was the course kind of soggy?
MEREDITH DUNCAN:  No, it's not soggy at all.  It's a little damp, definitely.  But it's not wet or soggy at all.  It's perfect.  The fairways are great.  We're playing ball in hand just in case this afternoon there could be some pretty heavy downpours.  But it's not soggy at all.  But it will definitely get soggy if it rains really hard.

Q.  How is your back feeling today?
MEREDITH DUNCAN:  I stretched quite a bit.  It was feeling okay today.  I made a couple shots here and there that tweaked it a little bit, but overall it was feeling okay.

Q.  You said this season has been up and down.  Do you trace that to your back?
MEREDITH DUNCAN:  No, not all of it.  Yeah, some of it is.  Some of it is when you have an injury, you're not confident in what you're doing.  So I think anybody who has had an injury can say that.  If you're not confident in how you swing it, it just makes you a little hesitant to do a lot of things.  So, yeah, it's been a factor, but definitely not the cause of bad golf at all.

Q.  You said you had a couple of long putts.  Could you elaborate how far they were?  Are we talking 60 feet?
MEREDITH DUNCAN:  I made a long one on 7, the long par‑5. That was my 16th hole.  Again, I hit 5‑wood into that hole, and the pin was on the right side of the green.  I was on the left.

Q.  How far are we talking to the putt?
MEREDITH DUNCAN:  I don't do distances.  I just look at it, and hit it.  I don't even know how big that green is.  40 feet, I guess.

Q.  Did you hit another one of comparable length?
MEREDITH DUNCAN:  No, that was the longest one.  Then I made one on 8, and the pin was I think 15 on.  I hit it just in the middle of the green.  Like I said, I was just hitting it at the pin, and it turned over just a hair.  That was probably 25 feet.

Q.  Do you have an estimate how many putts you used?
MEREDITH DUNCAN:  29, I think.  27, sorry.

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