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August 9, 2012

Greg Chalmers


GREG CHALMERS:テつ The greens are perfect.テつ I'm pleased with 2‑under right now.テつ Probably could have driven the ball a little better.

Q.テつ You've come in under par, you're in a good spot.テつ Obviously could be a lot worse off the last day.テつ You have to take confidence out of there.
GREG CHALMERS:テつ Oh, yeah, no question, I felt really confident this morning.テつ When I was 4‑under I just hit a couple of loose tee shots and it cost me.テつ It's just not that hard to make bogeys out here when you get a little out of place.テつ I was pleased to play the back nine and would have loved to have parred the last hole to have a 1‑under on the back nine, but a few guys have bogeyed that last hole today.
I played okay on the back nine, played pretty nice, and got it to even par and 2‑under for the day.

Q.テつ Conditions obviously this morning were a little more benign, more than people were expecting.テつ Was it good that you got out in that?
GREG CHALMERS:テつ On this golf course it can blow.テつ It's not going to blow hard today, but it can blow 25, so that makes it very interesting.テつ But I was pleased that we didn't have to deal with much of that.テつ It was only slight, maybe 2 mile an hour breeze from the opposite direction in fact from when I played the practice round.テつ That was probably the hardest thing for me, just adjusting from the practice round.

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