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August 9, 2012

Mark Brown


Q.テつ What did you think overall?テつ You said the other day you just didn't have a lot working, but you made the most of what you had.
MARK BROWN:テつ I really did.テつ I got it back to 2‑over with four holes to play thinking I was playing pretty decent all day.テつ I was very happy with the way I played, and then I just kind of had a meltdown coming in.テつ I started hitting stray shots.テつ Some of the pins out there were kind of Sunday pins, I thought, kind of on edges.テつ I thought we might get around a little easier today.テつ I didn't expect the pins to be so difficult.

Q.テつ How did you get improvement?テつ What did you work on and who worked with you this week?テつ I saw you on the range.
MARK BROWN:テつ You know, I hit balls last night for I'll bet you three hours, and I was too tired to hit any more, so I kind of left.テつ I was watching Denny Baylor hit some balls, and he was striping it.テつ He was the last guy on the range, and I said, what are you doing?テつ He just kind of told me a little bit on his hips, keeping his hips moving.テつ So I got on the range today and I tried it, and it seemed to work pretty decent.

Q.テつ How is it that you're in the first group?テつ What's the feeling like?
MARK BROWN:テつ It was kind of nice.テつ The front nine we kind of cruised around with nobody out there.テつ There wasn't a lot of fans out there yet.テつ It was kind of like a regular day out there.テつ As we got to 17, 18, some of those holes on the front, a lot more people were out there.テつ But Charles and Matteo were very nice, great guys to play with.

Q.テつ What do you do now, hit some more balls or kind of relax?
MARK BROWN:テつ I'm going to come back later on or something.テつ I'm wiped out from getting up first thing this morning.テつ We've got a bunch of family and friends here, so I might go to Charleston or go to the pool and relax for a little while.

Q.テつ What time did you have to get up today?
MARK BROWN:テつ Well, I actually got up at 2:00 and couldn't fall back asleep.テつ But 5:00 was the wake‑up call.

Q.テつ Can you speak about your experience this time at the Ocean Course?
MARK BROWN:テつ My game wasn't at its level that I'd like it to be, kind of struggling all day, all week in my practice rounds, and I'm delighted with 78 today.テつ Again, I think it was out there if you're hitting it straight.テつ We didn't have any wind for the first 13 holes I'll bet, and it was just‑‑ you know, it's right there in front of you.

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