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August 4, 2012

John Daly


August 4, 2012
An Interview With:


JOHN DALY:  It was going a little south there for a minute.  But you know, I didn't really hit that many bad shots when I made those bogeys.  I just shortsided myself on them.
You know, in this format two of them could have easily been doubles, and I just ‑‑ I actually played just trying to play for the bogeys.¬† And the worst thing you do is lose three points, but I'm happy those last two putts, I hit a better sand shot I thought on 17 than it turned out.¬† It just didn't span it.¬† But 18 was big.

Q.  You know, it's been so long since you've been in this situation.  Padraig Harrington is out here this week trying to prepare for next week.  It's hard to come out and feel comfortable in this situation.  Did you feel a little uncomfortable there or are you just kind of going along and playing?
JOHN DALY:  No, I was just playing.  You know, I love this golf course.  It just sets up.  This format sets up great for me and a guy like J. B. Holmes.  When you attack some pins and you play aggressive, you're going to shortside yourself out here, which is totally understandable, but my goal coming in here was to make one eagle just to see what it feels like to get five points on one hole, and to average nine points.  And so far I've done it.  Nine points a day.
I know there's guys out there better than that, but I'm accomplishing the goal that I'd set for myself, at least for three days in a row, and hopefully, you know, I'm doing what ‑‑ I'm doing the best I can, but I'm accomplishing some short‑term goals each day out here, and to me that's good for me.

Q.¬† How much does it mean to you ‑‑ in walking around the golf course today I think that probably 60 or 70 percent of the gallery is here following you, you and J. B. You're still such a crowd favorite.¬† How much does that mean to you to still be ‑‑ everybody likes you so much?
JOHN DALY:  It's great.  Everywhere I go it just seems like I'm in my hometown.  You know, it's great when people say we love you, play good.  Keep it up, get it back.  It's great to have that comfort level and I've been very fortunate for a lot of years to have it, and it definitely motivates you and keeps you going.

Q.  Well, great playing today.  Congratulations.  We look forward to watching tomorrow.  It'll be fun.
JOHN DALY:  Thanks.  I gotta go low tomorrow.

Q.  Talk about the Olympics, golf being in the Olympics.  How do you like that?
JOHN DALY:  I think it's great.  I just feel like I'm a little too old to even have a shot at ever being in it.

Q.  You never know.
JOHN DALY:  You never know.  But I don't know.  I hadn't even heard what the format is going to be, whether it's two players, four players, eight players.

Q.  What they decide to do?
JOHN DALY:  Yeah, but it's about time.  I think golf is such a big sport.

Q.  Are you following the Olympics this week?
JOHN DALY:¬† Yeah, I was a little disheartened when I watched the men's volleyball team get beat by Russia today when we had a 2‑0 lead.¬† I watched little Ms.Franklin how she's done and followed Phelps and followed her girls' beach ball and our guys' beach ball.¬† They got knocked out by Italy yesterday.

Q.  Do you have a favorite sport or just whatever happens to be on?
JOHN DALY:¬† If America's in it, I'm rooting for it, so it doesn't matter.¬† I actually enjoyed the trampoline.¬† It was cool to see the Canadians upset the Chinese in that.¬† But I think the most emotional thing this week that I saw was Gabby winning the all‑around gymnastics.

Q.  That was pretty cool.
JOHN DALY:  That was cool.  And the Americans, the girls winning the gold in that, too.

Q.  Golf is one of the oldest sports in the world and it's back in the Olympics.  How do you feel about that, it's pretty cool to see your sport in the Olympics after 60 years?
JOHN DALY:  Oh, yeah.  I'm surprised it hasn't been in there.  It's a perfect thing for the Olympics.  We have the Ryder Cup.  We have the Presidents Cup.  Why not have the Olympics.  I think it would be great.

Q.  Almost like another major, seems like the atmosphere, that electric?
JOHN DALY:  Yeah.  I'm just wondering if they're going to do like a World cup where there's two guys, four guys, six guys.  I just wonder what the format's going to be.  Maybe I could be a coach.  (Laughs).

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