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August 4, 2012

Justin Rose


Q.  Terribly frustrating at 18 but it looked like a beautiful round of golf.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, it really was.  I nearly kept a clean sheet today, which would have been impressive, because it's definitely windy out there, and on this golf course you don't get away with all that much.  I had sand wedge in my hand there on 18, but I don't know if you saw shots going into 16.  16 bounces rock hard, and the ball goes for 15 yards, and I'm standing there on 18 with sand wedge.  It was on the limit, but I pitched it probably three or four yards short of my number, and it obviously hit the bank and sucked back off the green.  Very difficult to know which greens are firm, which are soft at the moment.
But all in all, really happy.  I'm beginning to score, which is nice.  I feel like of late I haven't been making that many putts, and I've been seeing a few go in the hole this week.

Q.  Did you have a figure in your mind at the start of the day that would put you in contention on Sunday?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Not particularly.  I've got such a long run of golf coming up I'm just trying to keep in the moment and play every shot as I see it, and obviously through this week, the PGA and the FedExCup Playoffs, I'm just going to try and stay in the moment and see what comes out of it.

Q.  There's a strong sense of calmness about you, almost as if you're keeping everything under control.  Is that a sign that even at your high level of the game you're still kind of learning your craft?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, always working.  This game tests you and pushes you, and obviously improving gets harder and harder as you become better and better.  But mentally I think pretty much every player out here can get better.  You have it in spells and you lose it in spells.  Even though you know exactly what to do, it's learning how to do it consistently.  We're always out here trying to get better.

Q.  Depending on what Jim does you still might have a chance on Sunday.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Exactly, if you post a score.  It looks like tomorrow is going to be a little rough weather‑wise, and who knows.  To be honest I didn't pay attention to the leaderboard at all, but he was at 12, just great playing out there.

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