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August 3, 2012

Jason Dufner


Q. テつFive birdies, just one bogey on the card today.テつ Some pretty solid golf.テつ Your thoughts on how you played?
JASON DUFNER:テつ Yeah, a pretty nice day.テつ I bogeyed 16 again for the second day in a row, so got to figure something out on that hole.テつ But played the other 17 pretty nicely, so in good position heading into the weekend.

Q.テつ You were frustrated when you left 16 and tossed the ball in the water, but you came back with a nice birdie on 18.
JASON DUFNER:テつ Yeah, the hole was playing straight downwind.テつ I'm hitting my driver well, so I was confident to go ahead and hit one there and get a wedge in my hand.

Q.テつ Much difference in the way the course played yesterday morning to this afternoon?
JASON DUFNER:テつ Yeah, it's firming up a little bit.テつ Our tee balls were going a little bit further in the fairways, chasing out a little bit.テつ For me I could be real aggressive because I hit the driver well, and that's kind of an advantage for me because I can bend and curve it.テつ There's not a lot of straight holes out there.

Q.テつ Four back, a lot of golf left.テつ Your thoughts on the weekend?
JASON DUFNER:テつ Yeah, we've got two more days left.テつ Depends on what the weather does, how the course responds to what they're doing out there.テつ If it gets firmer and faster it's obviously tougher to shoot low scores.テつ Feel like I'm in pretty good position heading into the weekend and a couple guys in front of me, so hopefully I can chase them down.

Q.テつ How big was coming back on 18 and making a birdie after 16 bit you the second day?
JASON DUFNER:テつ Yeah, 18 is kind of playing a little bit easy for that hole playing downwind, so I've been confident with my driver and I was going to hit a nice one and get a wedge in my hand, and any time I can get a wedge in my hand I feel like I can make birdie, so it makes that hole a little bit easier, so it was a nice way to start the day.

Q.テつ You missed several real close birdie chances, three, four in a row on the back nine.テつ Something was working for you.テつ What was it?
JASON DUFNER:テつ Yeah, everything has been good.テつ I've been able to hit the fairways, which is nice for me.テつ I can hit a lot of drivers which gives me shorter clubs into the holes, so I can be more aggressive.テつ And I've putted pretty good I feel like, other than a couple‑‑ I think I've got four bogeys for the week and three of them are on par‑5s, so I've got to work on that a little bit.

Q.テつ Do you feel like this is a home course kind of?
JASON DUFNER:テつ A little bit.テつ Yeah, it's nice to come back and play in front of a lot of folks that haven't had a chance to see me play up close.テつ First time playing here, I don't have a lot of experience on this course, but I'm from this area, and it's good to play in front of a home crowd.

Q.テつ How many times did you come to this tournament as a kid?
JASON DUFNER:テつ Pretty much every summer.テつ From the time I started playing golf at 13 I was here up until I went away to college.テつ So familiar with the course a little bit watching other guys play, but these are my first rounds out here.

Q.テつ You're in striking range right where you want to be.テつ Different strategy when you come in?
JASON DUFNER:テつ No, no different strategy.テつ For me the key on this course and I think a lot of guys is just to hit the fairways.テつ If I can hit some fairways then you can be a little bit more aggressive with your iron shots and try to position yourself so you can make some reasonable attempts at birdies underneath the hole.

Q.テつ You seem so low key.テつ Are you the kind of guy that churns inside or are you just like that?
JASON DUFNER:テつ No, I'm pretty relaxed out there.テつ I've been playing a lot of good golf this year.テつ I've been up close after two rounds a lot this year and looking to kind of finish it out.テつ I'm real comfortable with my game and starting to get more comfortable playing these types of events.

Q.テつ Would it feel special to win here?
JASON DUFNER:テつ Yeah, it would be really neat to come back to an event that I'm familiar with and have a lot of memories with and get a win here.テつ But that's a couple days away.

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