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August 3, 2012

Padraig Harrington


Q. ¬†First trip here to the Reno‑Tahoe Open.¬† Got to be pretty pleased with your play so far this week.
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:  Yeah, certainly.  I'm a little frustrated, to be honest.  You know, I got in position quite well.  I created a lot of chances.  Could have made a few more birdies.
To be honest, I don't know whether it's the format, but I seem to lose focus every time.  You know, every time I'm not making birdie I seem to lose focus.  I've made a lot of bogeys.  I don't think I'd have made that many bogeys if it was straight hole stroke play.  Maybe a few more birdies, too.

Q.  How hard is it going to be for you to change gears next week back to regular stroke play?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:  Well, we play stroke play most weeks of the year.  This is the one you change for.  Next week I'm assuming that (indiscernible.)

Q.  As you mentioned, you had a lot of opportunities.  Putting is kind of tough.  Do you find it tough here?  The greens in the afternoon, we're in a mountain setting, maybe a little hard to read, and certainly a new course and all, a course you've never played before.  Something you going to work on obviously I guess this weekend?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:  Yeah, you know, really does come down to the putting.  I could (indiscernible) nicely play off the tee and hitting a lot wedges into the greens.  Obviously difficult to judge your wedges, but I'm getting a lot chances.
So, yeah, I really think I need a good weekend.  (Indiscernible.)  I've got quite a bit of ground to make up.  (Indiscernible.)

Q.  Talking about controlling the distance, certainly your approach shots here with the altitude and the elevation changes are different from next week.  Is that a hard adjustment?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:  You know, you still pick a number.  At the end of the day, it takes a bit of working out.  You've got to get the yardage, you've got to add on whatever pace you are off the sprinkler, and then you've got to add on or take off for downhill, and then you've got add on for the pin, and then you've got carry in over a bunker, say, and then you've got to adjust it by 5% in the morning and maybe a little more in the afternoon.
There is an a lot calculations.  Once you've got a number, it's the same as any other week.  You pick a number and you stick to it.

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