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August 3, 2012

Lee Slattery


Q. テつCan we just get some comments on your round today?
LEE SLATTERY:テつ It was just a disappointing end, really, just dropped three shots late.テつ It's all about if you miss fairways out there, it's all about getting a good lie, and unfortunately I got two shockers out there which I really couldn't do much with, led to bogeys, and then 17 I hit a wedge just over the pin, and it landed on the green, just jumped over into the second cut and just didn't hit a great chip and missed the putt.テつ Apart from that, it was pretty good.テつ I hit some good shots.

Q.テつ Jim has moved a little bit ahead of everybody right now, but you don't have that many guys ahead of you right now, so just thoughts heading into the weekend.
LEE SLATTERY:テつ I just think if you hit a couple of loose drives you can make a double easy.テつ You're never too far away.テつ As long as you're still within 10 going into the weekend you're still a chance.テつ Just got to hope he doesn't make any more birdies.テつ It's tough out there, and it was hot, as well, today toward the end.テつ I think the guys this afternoon are going to suffer a little bit because it was difficult to breathe the last few holes.テつ Yeah, glad I'm done early.

Q.テつ What's the most pleasing aspect about your game the last two days?
LEE SLATTERY:テつ I'd just say I've been striking the ball pretty well.テつ I've putted well.テつ I suppose it's been a bit of everything, really, just a lot more consistent.テつ Performing in a tournament like this where it's just a high‑class field, you take a lot from that, as well.テつ Every one of these you play, no matter what happens, you've just got to enjoy it and learn from it.テつ I certainly feel the more of these you play, the better you become as a golfer because the courses are so much tougher.

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