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August 3, 2012

Rafa Cabrera Bello


MICHAEL GIBBONS:  Rafael, just start us off with your assessment of your second round.
RAFAEL CABRERA BELLO:  Thank you very much.  I felt that I played really good today.  Obviously I haven't gone over the stats, the particular stats of today's round, but I did feel I did pretty much everything really good.  I think there might be a few drives missed, but hey, I know they were not big misses.  I was always able to play to the greens, so it's not something I'm really worried about, and the rest went really good.  I mean, my iron play, my scrambling play, and on the greens I felt really confident.
It really went I'm not going to say easy, but easy is not the word, it just went smooth the entire round.  No, I started off good, played consistent through the middle holes, and then had a really good finish, so it was really nice out there today.
MICHAEL GIBBONS:  And how is your stomach?
RAFAEL CABRERA BELLO:  Well, stomach is not good.  I do feel strong.  I don't feel bad.  But unfortunately my stomach is still no good, and we're going to stop talking about it.  (Laughter.)
MICHAEL GIBBONS:  Have you eaten anything yet?
RAFAEL CABRERA BELLO:  This morning I had some breakfast.

Q.  How much confidence can you draw from Dubai earlier this year, the win there, holding off people like Lee Westwood?  Will that be something you think about over the weekend?
RAFAEL CABRERA BELLO:  Not really.  I mean, Dubai, yes, it gave me a lot of confidence back then, but it's something I digested already, and I think I moved on after that.  It was obviously a great weekend that will always be in my memory, but I cannot be recalling it every time I play, although I do think that the big confidence I gained over there will last longer than just that week.

Q.  You touched on your accuracy driving.  Have you been driving the ball well coming into this event?  Have you found something here?  Because obviously accuracy on these fairways counts for a lot the way they roll.
RAFAEL CABRERA BELLO:  I mean, at the beginning of the year I wasn't driving it good, and coming up to this week, I felt I was driving it better.  I don't know exactly how I'm doing this particular week.  I am aware the fairways are pretty narrow, narrower than average, and there is a lot of importance to hit it in the fairway.  But the stat I really pay attention to is not only just hitting in the fairway but whether that missed drive is costing me a shot or not, in the way that whether can I still attempt to go to the green or not.  That's the most important stat for me rather than just driving it in the fairway.  I mean, if I miss the fairway but I can still play towards the green without major damage, then okay, it's a missed fairway, of course, but it's not‑‑ it doesn't necessarily need to cost you a shot.

Q.  Had you ever played in Ohio before, anywhere in Ohio, or is this your first visit?
RAFAEL CABRERA BELLO:  No, first visit to Ohio, yes.

Q.  How does Firestone stack up against the courses you've been playing lately?  And is there a certain hole that you like better than others?
RAFAEL CABRERA BELLO:  Well, I mean, this is like the third World Golf Championship event I've played, and from playing them, I believe the experience I'm gaining, I feel that they are, all of them, really tough courses.  I didn't know what to expect because obviously really this is the first year I'm having a big change in my schedule playing major tournaments and playing the World Golf Championship events.  So they are very demanding, and you need to be playing good throughout the entire bag.  It's not like you'll get away with missing some particular club or not putting good.  Normally it's very challenging course, hard surface, fast greens, tight fairways, long rough.  So I mean, they're really, really tough, tough holes.  But on the other hand, they're really‑‑ yeah, they're pretty fair in the fact that if you play good, I do feel that you can score.  Obviously scoring is going to be very difficult, but I mean, I think this course the way it's set up, it's rewarding good play.
And I like many holes.  I really haven't thought about any particular one that suits my eye or anything.  I think it's a great course.

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