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August 2, 2012

Lee Slattery


Q.テつ We don't know a lot about you.テつ I understand you kind of grinded your way through your career to the point where you're having some success.テつ Take us through it.
LEE SLATTERY:テつ Yeah, it's been a long transition for me.テつ I've never been a quick improver.テつ Some guys come out on Tour and take to it quickly.テつ I've been a steady improver over the years.テつ I'm 33 years old, so that's not too bad.テつ But certainly having that win last year and playing a lot steadier, I'm starting to make the progress which I always expected to at some stage.

Q.テつ Talk about today's round if you would.
LEE SLATTERY:テつ Yeah, today's round, drove the ball well, missed a couple of fairways out there, made a birdie on one of those holes, which was a bonus.テつ But I think that's the key around here, you drive the ball well, you give yourself chances and you can score around here.テつ But the greens are so pure, you hit it inside 10 feet here, there's a great chance of a birdie.テつ Today I holed my fair share of putts but still left a couple out there, but it was just a great round of golf.

Q.テつ Were you aware how well the group in front of you was doing, as well?
LEE SLATTERY:テつ I did look over.テつ I was wondering whether they got the scores mixed up with red and blue, but I couldn't believe how well they were playing, as well.テつ Martin got off to a slow start today and finished well.テつ We helped each other out there today.テつ He's a nice guy.テつ The first time I properly met Martin.テつ We had a good laugh out there, as well, which helped relax everything which was great.

Q.テつ Were you pinching yourself after this good ruined?
LEE SLATTERY:テつ Not really.テつ I'll be honest, I've been playing well quite a while, just putting the four rounds together has been a bit of a problem recently.テつ A lot of changes with the golf swing and working on numerous other things, as well.テつ We all try and improve, and I've been swinging the club well for a while, and I'm just waiting for a week where it all clicks into place.

Q.テつ Any big putts today for birdie or to save par?
LEE SLATTERY:テつ I would actually say the biggest putts I made early on on the short holes, on 10 and 12 today, missed the green on both holes in the greenside bunker, short‑sided myself, and got them both up‑and‑down.テつ And certainly I think without those early on, today might have been a different story.テつ It just kept the momentum going, and then when I did make a birdie, I started to make a few, so that was a key to the round.

Q.テつ What would be the highlight of the birdies, would you say?
LEE SLATTERY:テつ I would probably say the birdie on the 2nd hole, which was my 11th today.テつ I hit a poor drive down the left side and caught it in the trees and went left, and then I had to knock it down the other fairway.テつ I can't remember much.テつ It's the third hole.テつ I had to knock it down there.テつ And then I had a 9‑iron from 147, quite a difficult yardage from there, hit it to two and a half feet, and I tapped that one in for birdie.テつ That was the third birdie on the bounce there and then I birdied the hole straight after it, as well, so it was ideal.

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