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August 2, 2012

Simon Dyson


SIMON DYSON:テつ This is about my third time, but it's the easiest I've played it.テつ It's firm.テつ I've played it in previous years, and it's been really wet, and it's played every yard of its distance, whereas today I was getting it down the slope.テつ I've never done that.テつ So you're getting an extra 40 yards.テつ You're going into greens, tough greens, with wedges and 9‑irons as opposed to 5‑ and 6‑irons from previous years.テつ But the course is magnificent.

Q.テつ Were you pushing each other?
SIMON DYSON:テつ Yeah, we helped each other along nicely, just bouncing off each other.テつ We both parred the 1st, we both birdied the 2nd, I birdied the 3rd, he birdied the 4th.テつ I birdied 15, he birdied 16, just stuff like that.テつ Just helped each other along well, and it was enjoyable.

Q.テつ I found it really interesting that here you are having one of the best rounds together of the day, and you hardly had any gallery following you, but on the other side you had Tiger and all that stuff going on.
SIMON DYSON:テつ It was quite nice, though, to be fair.テつ It's nice to just get on with it.テつ There was a few followers the last couple holes because obviously they had seen we were doing well.テつ But it was quite nice.テつ Just plodding along and all of a sudden you look along and it's like Dyson and Cabrera Bello minus 5, and unfortunately we both dropped one coming in, but still, it was a good day.

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