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August 2, 2012

Carl Pettersson


Q.テつ A quote from your caddie:テつ The sign of a quality player is when he can get it done when he doesn't have his best stuff.テつ 67 is a good score out there today.
CARL PETTERSSON:テつ Yeah, I scored it really well.テつ I drove it poorly off the tee.テつ I got lucky.テつ I got some good lies in the rough, but I putted phenomenal.テつ I don't know how many putts I made.テつ I made everything.テつ This is a tough golf course.テつ 67 is a good score.テつ I just need to‑‑ I can't be doing that for the rest of the day, so I've got to drive it better and put it in play.テつ But I'm happy.

Q.テつ How do you go about doing that?
CARL PETTERSSON:テつ Well, I've got to go to the driving range.テつ I think I'm standing too far away from it.テつ I'm reaching a little bit too much for the ball and it's going left and right, so hopefully that's it and I can fix it quickly.

Q.テつ You put yourself in a good position.テつ How did you find the golf course out there this morning?
CARL PETTERSSON:テつ It was perfect.テつ We were second off.テつ The greens were just pure on the front nine.テつ They were good on the back nine, too.テつ I got hot with the putter, and it was just‑‑ just had to be careful, they were so quick.テつ I just got the ball rolling and the hole got in the way.

Q.テつ I have to ask, changing subjects, do you know that kid Ben Kohls that won on the Web.com Tour last week?テつ He's a rally kid and plays out of Prestonwood.
CARL PETTERSSON:テつ I've heard of his name.テつ I haven't met him, but I didn't realize he won on the Web.com Tour.テつ That's great.テつ Hopefully I'll have somebody to play with at home.

Q.テつ He plays out of Prestonwood, and now he has $144,000, so somebody can take some cash from him in the off‑season.
CARL PETTERSSON:テつ Exactly, and somebody could lose to him (laughing).テつ Yeah, I look forward to playing with him, and best to him, and maybe I'll play with him in the off‑season.

Q.テつ There are not a lot of great scores out there.テつ What's making the course tough today?
CARL PETTERSSON:テつ Yeah, it's just a very difficult golf course.テつ I didn't drive it particularly well, but I got lucky and I got some lies.テつ I didn't get the trees in the way.テつ It's very demanding off the tee, and if you miss the fairways you're going to struggle to make par, and then even if you hit the fairways the greens are rolling quick.テつ They've got some tucked pins, just a very difficult course.テつ Any time you go under par around here, you've played really well.テつ Fortunately I've putted lights out today, which helped.

Q. テつThis is an interesting stretch of the season with a lot of really good tournaments back‑to‑back and especially with you being a North Carolina guy, Greensboro mixed in there.テつ How do you plan to attack the next five, six, seven, eight weeks?
CARL PETTERSSON:テつ Well, I only played nine holes of practice here.テつ I was actually in Canada Monday and Tuesday for a skins game.テつ But I've got six weeks in a row of pretty high‑end competitive golf, so I've got to maybe just play the pro‑ams object Wednesday and take it easy and then just try to play and stay patient, which is difficult to do when you get on a long stretch.
But if you're playing well and shooting good numbers, it's easier to stay patient, and I think that's the whole key.

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