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August 2, 2012

Jamie Donaldson


Q. テつテつWhat was the feeling to get your first win after about 12 years?
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ It was actually 10th, because I had a year off through injury, I had a year off through not playing well.テつ So it was 10.テつ I played well quite a few times, but not quite well enough, had loads of consistent finishes, top 10, loads of them, but to get the first win was fantastic, and around that golf course was even more special.

Q.テつ What do you think got you over the hump?
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ I just kept doing the same things, and I knew the door would eventually open.テつ Just have to keep hitting good shots when it mattered and just being patient, really, and not getting frustrated with the fact that I hadn't won at the time.
You know, so just kept patient and kept hitting good shots, and it happened at Portrush.

Q.テつ And then you made your first cut in a major at the Open Championship.テつ What are your thoughts on next week at the PGA?テつ Do you have any specific goals?
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ No, I'll just‑‑ it's just sort of one shot at a time, really.テつ Do the best you can.テつ The results take care of themselves.テつ We're going into the PGA, we're looking at a decent week this week, and take some great form into that week, anything can happen.テつ But you know, let's not get ahead of ourselves.テつ We've got a big week this week and a big week next week.テつ It's a great experience for me, and I'm looking forward to obviously playing the rest of this week and playing next week.

Q.テつ Can you talk about‑‑ I read you replaced your caddie before the Irish Open.テつ Is there any story behind that?
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ No.テつ The caddie I had before that worked with me for five years.テつ He did a great job, but player‑caddie relationships have a shelf life, if you like, and we'd hit it just before that tournament.テつ That's just the way it goes.テつ He did a great job.テつ The guy I've got now did a great job.テつ Sometimes you just need a bit of fresh to get you going again, really.

Q.テつ And you made the switch a couple days before you won, right?
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ Yeah.テつ My old caddie caddied for me at the Open qualifying, we got through, and then we decided after that we were stopping.

Q.テつ You're still with Mick?
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ Yeah, still with Mick.

Q.テつ Anything on today's round, first trip around this course in competition?テつ What was it like today?
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ Yeah, it's awesome.テつ It's just a pleasure to play here.テつ There's not a blade of grass out of place.テつ Just a beautiful golf course.テつ Difficult.テつ You've got to hit‑‑ you look down the fairway and you think, wow, this is tight, but then you've actually only got about a five‑ or eight‑yard landing area on that tight‑looking fairway.テつ So it's tough, and if you don't hit the fairways, it's very difficult.

Q.テつ Proud of your round today?
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ Yeah, I scrambled a little bit in parts, but you've got to around here.テつ Your short game has just got to be spot on, and if it's not, it's very hard work.テつ If you hit all the fairways, you can shoot a number, but that's what you've got to do, and it's easier said than done.

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