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July 28, 2012

John Cook


Q.テつ On an increasingly tough day out there, very impressive round out there.
JOHN COOK:テつ I really played well.テつ I hit the ball very solidly.テつ A couple little early mistakes, but seemed like I came back with birdies after that, and I hit every green in regulation and both par‑5s in two.テつ So if there was an easy 66, that was pretty much it.テつ But conditions were tough, and you had to pay attention, and I did that.テつ We had a good day just kind of reading the wind and reading how far the ball was going.テつ That's a big key here.

Q.テつ The general consensus, the back nine is actually playing harder than the front nine, but you made your number on the back nine.
JOHN COOK:テつ Yeah, I played those hard holes pretty well.テつ I thought the back nine would be tough coming in, and I thought the wind came from a little bit different direction.テつ But I hit good shots at No.12.テつ I hit a good shot on 14, three‑putted 15, but managed to hit good shots at 16, and 17 I made a 3, and 18 really I had a pretty good look at.テつ I was in between clubs and wasn't really committed.テつ But I hit a lot of good shots right where we were looking today.

Q.テつ Nice eagle on 17; obviously a nice way to jump up the leaderboard.
JOHN COOK:テつ Yeah, it was just a nice, comfortable round.テつ Going down 17, I hit a beautiful drive and hit a perfect 3‑wood, and the wind wasn't straight down, so you could work with the wind or against the wind, however you wanted to do it, and I hit a nice 3‑wood in there about 15 feet and rolled one in the centre.テつ So that was a nice way to end it, to go down 18 with a little bit of a cushion.

Q.テつ In 2008 you had a good chance then, as well.テつ You obviously like these parts.
JOHN COOK:テつ I love it.テつ I love it over here, I really do.テつ I wish I could have played more Open Championships, but the ones that I did, I always played well.テつ I enjoyed Muirfield a few times, I enjoyed Turnberry here in '94, Royal St. George's in '93, played Muirfield a few times.テつ I enjoy this golf, I really do.テつ I love coming over here.テつ I love the Isles, I love the seaside.テつ Not that I grew up on it, but I'm comfortable here.

Q.テつ Before coming over here did you feel you could contend this week?
JOHN COOK:テつ I thought so.テつ It's been coming around.テつ I've had a nice year, not a great year but a nice year.テつ I had a chance there at‑‑ well, I didn't have much of a chance at Harbor Shores with Roger running away from us.テつ I tried to make it a little bit interesting at the end, but he was so far ahead, played beautifully.
But other than that, I've just played nicely, nothing over the top yet.テつ So I'm kind of looking for that stretch of‑‑ let's finish this last half of the year out really strong.テつ I knew if I came over here‑‑ I played decently last week at the U.S. Open, finished sixth there, so I was comfortable with my game.テつ Just had to bring it across and see where it goes.

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