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July 29, 2012

Albin Choi


Q.テつ What kind of a statement did you make this week?テつ You're the only amateur.テつ Not just low amateur.テつ You're the only amateur here, and you accord yourself extremely well, 1‑over par.テつ Talk to me about that.
ALBIN CHOI:テつ Well, I'm definitely happy that I made it to the weekend.テつ I was hoping for a better two days.テつ I got off to a slow start both on Saturday and today, and I really couldn't bounce back from it, but overall I enjoyed my time here.テつ Walking up 18 was really cool.テつ Everyone cheered for me on 18, so that was a good experience.

Q.テつ Charl just told me that ‑‑ he says, "once Albin gets experiences like this, the more he gets, the faster he's going to get out there."テつ I mean obviously an experience like this with the crowds and playing with a guy, a Masters champion from '11 has to be great for you.
ALBIN CHOI:テつ You know, when I found out about the paring yesterday, I was more than excited to play today with Charl, obviously, and he's a great player.テつ I see him on TV all the time.テつ But up close he's even better.
And just really ‑‑

Q.テつ Yeah, interesting.
ALBIN CHOI:テつ But yeah, he definitely is a pro that I look up to, and I'm just glad I got an opportunity to play with such a great player.

Q.テつ What do you think you learned from him?テつ Did you learn anything interesting from him today just being with him?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ He hits the ball pretty good.テつ I mean I was very impressed with how he hits the ball, and you know, he's a major champion, you know.テつ Just the fact that he's a major champion is really cool.テつ And it's an honor just to play with him.テつ And I feel like he handled himself pretty well out there.

Q.テつ What was he like personally?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ He was very nice.テつ For the entire round he just talked to me about what his schedule was like and what he goes through in his career every year.
He's overall just a very nice guy, very friendly and very pleasant to be around.

Q.テつ When you compare your game, your ball striking, your short game, you've been out here, you've played with a few guys this week and stuff.テつ You've seen them on the range.テつ How do you feel you stack up?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ My ball striking and my short game I feel like is either at par or even better than some of the players out here, definitely.テつ I hit the ball great all week, and my short game was pretty good, too.テつ Just the putter wouldn't do it for me.テつ I hit a lot of shots close and a lot of putts that just grazed edges, and it's just a matter of a few falling here and there, but they just weren't falling for me this weekend, but I'll work on that, I'll build on it and just move on.テつ I'll take a lot away from this week.

Q.テつ Two more years left at North Carolina State, apparently.テつ We'll see.テつ Right now is that your ‑‑ I mean you've got the Canadian Amateur and then I suppose it's right back to school?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ I've got the Canadian Am and then the U.S. Amateur.

Q.テつ Sorry.テつ U.S. Amateur?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ Right after that.テつ But those are two very big events in my schedule, and I want to prepare well for it.テつ And this week obviously gave me a lot of confidence going into those events.テつ I just wish I played a bit better here on the weekend, but I still enjoyed my time here and I'll take a lot away from it.

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