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July 28, 2012

Albin Choi


ALBIN CHOI:テつ Today was a little slow.テつ Got off to a slow start and couldn't really get anything going today.テつ Made a couple of good saves toward the end and kind of saved it, but overall, very slow.

Q.テつ You're in the mix for low Canadian.テつ What would that mean to you?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ It would mean a lot.テつ First, making the cut was awesome and getting to play today was even better chasing after that low Canadian title.

Q.テつ Is there a different feel for you when you made it to the weekend here and you get to play in round 3?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ It just felt like any other tournament.テつ Right now I felt like the cut was made and everything was said.テつ I just had to go out and play good golf.テつ Unfortunately, I didn't play my best today, but I still have tomorrow left.テつ So we'll see what happens.

Q.テつ Were the conditions tougher for you?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ I didn't feel like the conditions were tougher.テつ I just felt like a few loose shots here and there.テつ A couple of bad breaks, and the course is playing really great.テつ So if I can go out there and hit a few good ones tomorrow, it will be okay.

Q.テつ When you come into this, what is on your mind?テつ Are you coming into it thinking, I might win this thing, I might be competitive, or are you thinking this is more of an educational type of thing?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ Playing last year really put things into perspective.テつ I really enjoyed my time last year.テつ Unfortunately, I missed the cut there.テつ But just playing here this week, I'm trying to move myself up the leaderboard.テつ I feel like a contender.テつ If I play well, I can finish pretty high up there, so I'm just trying to play my best through the weekend.

Q.テつ Coming into this after you won the Ontario Amateur, did you feel you had some momentum going?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ I've been playing good these last couple of weeks, so I knew my game was good enough to compete.テつ So it's just a matter of going out there and doing it.テつ So just trying to do that for tomorrow.

Q.テつ Earlier when you mentioned the educational aspect of it, you had the double bogey on 1 today.テつ It's probably the education of learning how to deal with that and learning how to cope with coming back after a double bogey?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ Well, it's not my first double bogey, and it won't be my last.テつ It's just a hole.テつ I've got to put it behind you.テつ I've still got eight more to play, and I knew I had plenty of opportunities to get those shots back.
But, unfortunately, I had good shots on one, just didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, and I've just got to deal with it.

Q.テつ What does stand out for you this week?テつ Is it playing at home, the crowd and family?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ I definitely have a lot of friends and family here, which is great.テつ I love the home crowd support.テつ But just playing in the national open, right?テつ So just enjoying that.

Q.テつ What do you think of when you hear some of the guys this week have been shooting 62, 63.テつ Does it seem like the sort of course that would yield those scores, if you see it?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ These guys are the best players in the world, and it's out there.テつ It really is.テつ Playing out there just really, you get yourself in the right position.テつ You make a few putts, and definitely 262 is the best score that's out there.

Q.テつ You put their standards up against yourself in your mind?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ Oh, of course.テつ Everyone wants the same thing.テつ Everyone wants to win.テつ They're playing for that trophy.テつ So my goal is no different than theirs.テつ I'm just trying to do my best here.

Q.テつ Picking up on that, in the last two years your game has come along.テつ What do you see getting better from this point on?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ I feel comfortable out there.テつ That's the main thing, I believe.テつ I feel very comfortable here this week.テつ I'm not sure if it was because I played it in it last year or if it's close to home, but I feel very comfortable this week.

Q.テつ Spoke to Andrew Parr.テつ He said he was nervous out here.
ALBIN CHOI:テつ I wasn't too nervous.テつ I was more excited than nervous.テつ I might have had a little bit of first tee jitters, but who doesn't?テつ That's pretty much T I felt good out there relaxed.

Q.テつ How many times have you played Hamilton?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ Including today, probably around maybe four or five times.

Q.テつ So not all that familiar?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ No, not all that familiar.テつ I played it maybe two or three times leading into the tournament.テつ I felt like that was good enough.テつ Just playing here for the tournament rounds is good for me.

Q.テつ You find out the importance of practice rounds, I guess?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ That's right.テつ That's right.

Q.テつ What did you notice in practice rounds as far as the main differences go?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ The rough was very long in some spots, so there were some spots that you had to avoid just really the tee shots.テつ You have to get your yardages pat down here, making sure your ball ends up in the right spots.テつ These greens are fast, so tough get them below the hole.テつ That is the point.

Q.テつ Quick comment on another All America choice?テつ Comment on that.
ALBIN CHOI:テつ Very honored to be selected again.テつ I feel like I obviously earned that title.テつ I've got two years left of school, so I'm going to go Chase after two more.

Q.テつ Is this a recent one?
ALBIN CHOI:テつ Yes, this year, yep.

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