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July 28, 2012

Natalie Gulbis


Q. ¬†So great round, 4‑under today, now sitting at 10 for the weekend heading into Sunday's final round.¬† Take me through your day and what was really working well for you.
NATALIE GULBIS:¬† I think the change in my round is I eagled 9, and I think I was 1‑under going into that.¬† So that definitely turned my round in the right direction.
And I hit it well coming into the week, so hopefully continued to do that tomorrow.

Q.  This place has special meaning for you, first victory coming here.  Does this golf course just suit your eye?  Is it somewhere where you feel real comfortable playing?
NATALIE GULBIS:  I love the golf course, for sure, and I love the greens.  The greens are fast and you really have to hit a lot of different shots, which I've always enjoyed.
I love everything about this event.  This event is special for me because it is where I had my first individual win.  It's just so beautiful.  I think all the players would agree it's one of the best events all year.

Q.  Overall, heading into Sunday, what's going to be the biggest key as you look towards the leaderboard?  I know Stacy's got a few more holes left, but what's the biggest key for you?
NATALIE GULBIS:  Key for me would be to just go out and play well.  I think you can make a lot of birdies on this golf course.  If there is some weather in the forecast, I think that just shooting a couple under will probably put you in a good spot.  But if the weather is good you have to go low here.  There are a lot of scorable holes.

Q.  The last two days we had a lot of hot, humid conditions; today the weather changed a little bit.  Did it change how the course was playing?
NATALIE GULBIS:  No, just had to put your rain gear on and the view of blocked.  Besides that, no.  The course drains well, so the greens were still fast.  The greens held a little bit better.

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