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July 28, 2012

Karrie Webb


Q.  Great playing today.  Nice 5‑under round.  Put yourself right up near the top of the leaderboard.  Just take me through the day.  What were the keys out there?
KARRIE WEBB:  Amazingly it was my best round of the week, but probably not my best ball‑striking day.  Which is just crazy about golf.  Really hit it nicely the first two days and didn't make many putts.
Today I made a couple nice long ones, which always helps get that score going.  It was nice to see them go in.  Made a nice one on the last as well.

Q.  Yeah.  I was looking at your stats.  Greens in regulation this week, looks like iron shots and everything have been really good.
KARRIE WEBB:  Yeah, I have hit it nicely.  And even today when I didn't feel that great, I still didn't make many mistakes.  I kept it in play, and I think that's the key when you're not feeling 100% with your swing.  You know, you're still giving yourself decent birdie chances and not making any mistakes.

Q.  It was really hot first couple days; today the rain came in.  Did it change things at all with the conditions?
KARRIE WEBB:  Not really.  It was pretty humid to start the day.  The sun tried to come out, and now it's just not a very pleasant day.  We haven't played with any wind or any elements, so I think it made you‑‑ you had to focus a little bit more.  It wasn't just fire away at the pins.

Q.  You've played this course a number times and done well here in the past.  What are the keys heading into Sunday for you?
KARRIE WEBB:  Well, it'll depend how far behind the lead I am.  Obviously Stacy is playing very well.  I'm just glad to be up on the leaderboard.
However far behind I am tomorrow, I'll try and shoot a good one and see if that's good enough.

Q.  I've asked a few of the girls this week, I know they moved a few of the tee box back, playing a little longer in certain places.  Has it really changed the way this golf course plays?
KARRIE WEBB:  I think it was needed in places.  I think 1 was a great change.  I like what they have done with the par‑5s.  They have moved some tees up, like, you know, moved 7 up for the first two days and 9 back, and then changed it today.
It gives you some variety and makes you think a little bit off the tees and your strategy to the holes.  And today they moved 14 all the way up.
So it's good.  I think it keeps you thinking.  It keeps people a little bit on edge.  So it's the people that can overcome that little obstacle and hit a good shot.

Q.  Overall with your game this year, I mean, you've had some really good finishes, up and downs.  How are you feeling heading into this week?
KARRIE WEBB:  Feeling good all year, just not putting it all together.  I think I've played consistently pretty good, but not good or great.
Hopefully have another good one tomorrow and see if it's a great finish.

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