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July 27, 2012

Tim Clark


Q.テつ What is it about N.C. State guys and course records in this tournament?
TIM CLARK:テつ Yeah, it was obviously a great day for me.テつ I'm excited.テつ It is nice to be back up in Canada.テつ I have some good memories up here.テつ So the course suits me well, too, obviously, and I've enjoyed playing.

Q.テつ Did you see a round like this coming?
TIM CLARK:テつ Before I went over to the British Open, I was playing quite nicely, but I struggled over there and struggled a bit yesterday.テつ So I certainly didn't see it, but I did feel my game was coming around.

Q.テつ Are the conditions pretty much ideal today?
TIM CLARK:テつ You know when you've got lift, clean and place, and the greens are receptive, it is easy.テつ But these greens can get bumpy later on in the day, so it's tough to make putts.テつ But the guys have done it.テつ There were a lot of low rounds out there yesterday, so it is out there.

Q.テつ You had the injury last year after the Sony, and it's taken you a while to get back.テつ But a good finish last month at the Traveler.テつ So do you feel perfectly fine health‑wise now?
TIM CLARK:テつ Yeah, I have weeks that are better than others.テつ Just when you're out for 14 months, it's not just the injury, there are other things that you have to get back into shape.テつ So I knew this would be a tough year and a year where I needed to rebuild and get myself back.テつ But it's nice to see some signs of a good round this year.テつ Whatever I do this year will be a bonus.

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