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July 27, 2012

Rhod Trainor


RHOD TRAINOR:テつ Oh, this is great.テつ Our association is a very good association.テつ It's very broad.テつ Canada's a wide nation, and there are a lot of very good golf courses in Canada just as good as this one.テつ A lot of my good friends are superintendents of courses across Canada.
I've worked across Canada, worked in Western Canada and Eastern Canada.テつ So I have friends all across, so this means a lot coming from that gang of guys.テつ So thanks a lot, Tim, and everybody.

Q.テつ I guess, leading up to the tournament, you've had a long, dry summer, obviously.テつ I'm sure that's posed a lot of challenges to getting the golf course ready.テつ But one of the things that helped you out was the huge irrigation pond that you put in recently.テつ Was that a Godsend for you?
RHOD TRAINOR:テつ Oh, definitely.テつ We would not be where we were if we didn't have that reservoir that we built.テつ We had to change the whole way we were taking water.テつ We have a little creek, basically, that supplies our water, so we're only allowed so much out of that.テつ So we had to put it in storage.テつ We needed to store water.
The club really stepped up and recognized it right off.テつ We put together a very comprehensive plan to store water as much as we could, and that's what we did.テつ I think the project went off really well, and it's paying off now.テつ Anybody that's looked in the reservoir, we've used 50% of our storage this year, which is pretty good.テつ More than we ever had before.

Q.テつ After the storms on Wednesday night, obviously the golf course came up a little soft yesterday.テつ Had a few low scores, obviously, especially in the afternoon.テつ Anything overnight that you did to deal with that?
RHOD TRAINOR:テつ Well, yeah, the storm Wednesday night softened the course.テつ But the storm Sunday night really was the starter of it.テつ We had an inch and a half of rain Sunday night, and that sort of softened it.
We're an old golf course with top soil, and we don't have the greatest drainage in the world. テつSo when we get wet, we tend to stay wet quite a while.テつ So we knew we were going to be a soft golf course.
We worked with the Tour.テつ The Tour worked closely with us to get the greens‑‑ mostly the greens are the major concern.テつ I'm not really happy about the ball in hand, but that's the way they like to play it.
But, we're working on the consistency of speed just to have the same speed, especially for the first two days when there is a cut being made.テつ And we've achieved our green speeds.テつ Our green speeds we're very happy with.テつ But with them being soft and receptive, there are not a lot of long putts out there.テつ I think the guys can fire kind of close to the pin.

Q.テつ What is the green speed right now?
RHOD TRAINOR:テつ We're hitting 11 and a half, 11, 11 and a half in the morning when we start.テつ At the end of the day, we're still hovering around 11.テつ We're losing a little speed during the day, which is normal, but they're about 11.

Q.テつ Going into the weekend, are you looking at anything differently once the cut is made?テつ Are you looking at anything different?
RHOD TRAINOR:テつ Not really, no.テつ We're pretty much on autopilot now with our staff.テつ In the morning when we do the set‑up and cut the grass, and what we cut in the evening is pretty much routine now.テつ We've got 37‑some‑odd staff and 25 volunteers.テつ Everybody knows their jobs now, and where they're going.テつ It's working quite well.
We've got a great group of people, and as it gets into the weekend, it gets easier, because we're only going off one tee and with only 70 players.テつ It is the busiest now.テつ Wednesday, Thursday, Friday are the busiest because there are so many players.

Q.テつ Did you say you've used half the capacity of the reservoir?

Q.テつ So would you have been in trouble without that reservoir?
RHOD TRAINOR:テつ Oh, absolutely, we would have, yes.

Q.テつ What is the capacity of the reservoir?
RHOD TRAINOR:テつ 22 million gallons.テつ We have used more than that because we're recharging the reservoir all the time.テつ But we've probably used more water this year already than we have in most years total.

Q.テつ What changes are the players seeing in the championship in the state of the course this year compared to the first year it was here in the modern era back in 2003, was it?
RHOD TRAINOR:テつ The only real change is on 7.テつ We removed some trees and a dogleg and replaced them with bunkers.テつ Other than that, the tees we built and everything are all the same.

Q.テつ I was talking to Jon Mills, and he's not that thrilled with your reservoir, by the way.テつ I don't know if you know he hit one into it?
RHOD TRAINOR:テつ Well, there have been reports there.テつ That's a pretty errant shot.

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