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July 26, 2012

Adam Hadwin


THE MODERATOR:テつ We'd like to welcome Adam Hadwin into the interview room.テつ You just came off the course right before it really started coming down.テつ How many holes did you play in the rain?
ADAM HADWIN:テつ Well, yeah, it was just sprinkling when we were hitting our tee shots on 18, and then it really started to power once we hit the green.テつ So we were fortunate.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Guys, have at it, let's have some questions.

Q.テつ Talk about the conditions, Adam.テつ You got out there.テつ It seemed the afternoon draw had it a little better than the morning rounds?
ADAM HADWIN:テつ Yeah, it was great.テつ It was really nice that the weather held off for it.テつ A little bit of a surprise.テつ I was prepared to play in some rain this afternoon.
But the course really set up for that low number.テつ You saw with the 62.テつ You could fire at pins.テつ You could stop a 5‑iron if you're in the fairway.テつ And you know, the greens were rolling good.
I thought they were great speeds to make putts.テつ Not too fast, not too slow.テつ So I think the course was just really accessible this afternoon.

Q.テつ Last night when the storm blew in, the original one, did you hear it at all during the night?
ADAM HADWIN:テつ Not at all.

Q.テつ You slept right through it?

Q.テつ Your prep work started Monday after you left me.

Q.テつ I'm wondering, you hadn't played the golf course before.テつ Is this one of these ones that immediately fits your eye that you like because (inaudible) right‑to‑left, left‑to‑right?
ADAM HADWIN:テつ Absolutely.テつ It's like the courses I grew up playing.テつ You know, coming in I wasn't too confident working the golf ball both ways.テつ But just the last couple days, you know, I've worked really hard to get the touch back into my game.テつ And you know, it helped today, I started seeing my shots again.
And when the pin's on the left, I'm still seeing the right‑to‑left shots, which is great.テつ And like you said, it's a course that fits my eye, fits me really well.
I can be aggressive off the tees as well.テつ I know a lot of guys lay back.テつ If I feel comfortable, you know, a driver on 12, for example, I hit it down there to about 70 yards to the pin.テつ A lot of guys were hitting 4‑irons and hybrids off that tee.テつ So it's a course that sets up well, and obviously I played pretty well today.

Q.テつ Don't take this the wrong way, but why is it ‑‑ I mean every golf tournament is important.テつ I understand that.テつ What is it about this tournament when you get here you have a different mode or a different switch or what is it that you've been able to do for three straight years now, including today?
ADAM HADWIN:テつ I don't know.テつ I would say that if you look at my record in PGA TOUR events, it's been pretty good.テつ Whether it's the fact that I've got a bunch of people watching, and if that helps me out, I don't know.テつ But it seems every time we hit the end of July, I kind of springboard my game back into shape.テつ And you know, I'm certainly going to be looking at the way I approach this week and my thought process and trying to bring that back out to the Web.com.テつ I felt like I was playing with a little bit of a swagger that I haven't had in a couple months.

Q.テつ That being said that you didn't have that swagger, to find yourself in this position, chance probably to contend here again this weekend?
ADAM HADWIN:テつ Yeah, my practice rounds started off pretty ugly.テつ I'm sure none of you saw it.テつ But I shot 40 in the Pro Am on the Front 9 this week.テつ But they got better as the round went on.テつ So that was forward momentum, moving up.テつ And then I had a really good session on Wednesday.テつ Three and a half hours in the morning.テつ Basically put on a strike show for an hour on the range.テつ Just hit all my targets, was working the ball both ways.テつ And I felt really good.
And then this morning, like late morning I had a really good putting warmup.テつ And I think that just kind of gave me confidence going into the round.テつ I made a great putt on 1 to get a birdie right out of the gate and then a better putt positive 2, settled everything down.テつ And it gave me confidence through the round to hit some good putts.

Q.テつ As good as you played, do you still feel like maybe you left a few maybe with what happened on 12 and 17?
ADAM HADWIN:テつ Yeah, for sure.テつ 17 is going to be a sore spot for sure.テつ You never want to make bogey on a par‑5, especially on a course that only has two of them.テつ But I shot 4‑under and then I was 1‑over on the par‑5s today.テつ So that's pretty good confidence going into tomorrow knowing that if I play those par‑5s pretty well I'm going to play pretty well.
And 11 I just kind of maybe tried to get a little too cute with it a couple of times instead of doing what I did on 17 and getting it on the green and taking my bogey.テつ But it is what it is, and after making double on 11, I came back with two straight birdies.

Q.テつ Adam, you weren't too far behind some pretty thick marquis groupings with the Els, Kuchar group and Mike Weir's group where a lot of people were following those two threesomes.テつ Do you find yourself still playing under the radar at this tournament even though you've been the low Canadian over the last two years?
ADAM HADWIN:テつ For sure.テつ Yeah.テつ You know, you guys didn't have me in here on Wednesday to do a press conference.テつ But you know, it's nice.テつ It is what it is.テつ You know, if people don't follow me, they don't follow me.テつ If they follow me, they follow me.テつ It's still the same game.テつ I still gotta do what I gotta do.テつ It's a long week, so they'll have time.

Q.テつ You mentioned the swagger that you have.テつ Can you pin that down and define it a little more?テつ Is it a confidence?テつ A cockiness?テつ Is it a belief in your game?
ADAM HADWIN:テつ It's a bit of a cockiness, to be honest.テつ And it's been missing for a while.テつ I don't know if anybody was out there when I made the putt on 16.テつ I haven't walked in a putt like that for a while.テつ I mean it was a good three feet away, and I walked it in.テつ That's just how good I feel with the golf ball right now.テつ Over the putter, you know, we pick a line and we hit it and I know it's going in.テつ So it's a good feeling to have this week for sure.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Anything else?テつ Adam, we appreciate your time.

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