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July 26, 2012

Tom Lehman


TOM LEHMAN:  I left a lot of shots out there, hit a lot of good putts that didn't go in.  I had a lot of great opportunities, and the worst I could have shot, easily, quite frankly.  So I'm happy with the score and unhappy with the fact I didn't get more out of it.
It's the first day.  I think the biggest thing is there's days when you know that things are going right and you're hitting it close and a lot of looks and a lot of chances.  Today is the kind of day where a 7‑ or 8‑under par round would have been very realistic for me as close as I hit it.  So to shoot 4‑under was disappointing.
But like you say, the bigger picture, I'm in a good spot.

Q.  I know it's history now but how do you reflect on Lytham last week.
TOM LEHMAN:  I was, again, a little frustrated.  I got a triple‑bogey on the 18th hole of the first round which really hurt and I was even par, playing decently.  Just really didn't get anything going.  Had a lot of near misses and would ofs and ifs and could ofs and maybes, and the other day was just a lot of mediocrity.

Q.  I presume that you have the excitement of coming back to The Open, playing links golf, knowing it's two wonderful weeks back‑to‑back?
TOM LEHMAN:  Oh, it is, it's a thrill to be here and great to be at Lytham last week, a lot of great memories.  The whole family, we enjoyed ourselves a lot.
But having two weeks here to play links golf, it's such a unique experience, as people always say, and it really is.  And to be at a place like this on a day like today, there can't be many days like today here, and to enjoy this one was pretty special.

Q.  Nice day out there in the sun; how did it feel?
TOM LEHMAN:  Well, it was a good day.  I think I left a lot of shots out there, though.  I was a little bit frustrated with not getting the ball in the hole a bit quicker.  Thought I had a lot of opportunities and a lot of good chances and didn't really take advantage of a whole lot.
So though I'm satisfied with the score, I'm dissatisfied with my scoring.  It could have been much better.

Q.  We know the greens are absolutely fantastic.  Would it be fair to say that they are tricky greens to read?
TOM LEHMAN:  Well, that's been my issue.  Typically over‑reading them.  I feel like I hit pretty good putts and they don't break the way I'm seeing them.
When you start questioning your read and doubting your read, that usually translates into a less‑than‑committed stroke.  And so it's hard to commit to the stroke when you're not certain about the read, and that's what we try to do all day is just try to commit to the stroke and try to hit a good putt and just see what you get.  But they are, they are tricky and don't break as much as they look.

Q.  You had a chance to chase Bernhard down and get to his score, didn't quite happen but you're right tucked behind there.  What's the plan tomorrow?
TOM LEHMAN:  Well, you know, there is always the same game plan when you play links golf.  Put it in the fairway.  Always start by putting the ball in the fairway and then go from there.
I think that's really the big thing; put it in play, and then get it somewhere near the green, around the green, and then just roll your rock.  Whether the weather is good or bad, that works, so that will be the game plan.

Q.  Do you fancy a little bit of wind out there?
TOM LEHMAN:  I'm sure the odds are way against having it like this another three days.  I'm sure that the wind will blow at some point this weekend and Turnberry will show its true teeth.

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