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July 26, 2012

Jhonattan Vegas


Q.テつ A stress‑free 65.テつ How easy was that out there?
JHONATTAN VEGAS:テつ It wasn't easy.テつ It's never easy being out there.
But it was good.テつ I played really solid.テつ Hit the ball really well, hit 16 greens.テつ And when you do that, the rounds are going to get a little bit easier.
But I feel like I'm playing good.テつ The putting is coming along, and hopefully it will be there for three more days.

Q.テつ How soft is the golf course because the par‑5 17, you hit that second shot and it just stopped right on a dime on the green.
JHONATTAN VEGAS:テつ It is really soft.テつ There's no question about it.テつ You can really throw anything at the pins and it's going to stop there.テつ So I mean we gotta try to take advantage of that.
Yeah, so that's definitely a good thing, but hopefully it will firm up and the course will play a little more difficult and be a little more challenging.

Q.テつ How much easier is it when you can actually pick up the golf ball, clean it and put it back down?
JHONATTAN VEGAS:テつ Well, you take the doubt out of your mind.テつ That's the biggest thing for me, because when you have your eye on the ball, you don't know which way the ball is going to go.テつ So cleaning it takes it completely out of your mind.テつ You can put a good spin on it, and usually you can get a result.テつ So it's huge.

Q.テつ Great start.テつ Keep it going.
JHONATTAN VEGAS:テつ Thank you guys.

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