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July 26, 2012

Troy Matteson


NELSON SILVERIO:テつ Welcome Troy Matteson to the interview room at the RBC Canadian Open.テつ 5‑under to start your tournament.テつ Maybe give us an update on conditions out there, and just some thoughts on your round.
TROY MATTESON:テつ You know, basically the golf course is in really good shape.テつ With a little bit of rain that softened the fairways up.テつ So it's a little easier to hit fairways.テつ The greens have softened up.テつ And it's easy to hit your 8, 9s, 7s in there and get it to stick and they don't spin too much.テつ So when that happens usually guys will score pretty well.
Obviously with the par‑5s 3‑woods are strong on the greens, so if you're hitting your drives there you got a good chance.テつ But the rough in spots can be really bad, and you gotta keep it out of there today.
NELSON SILVERIO:テつ Okay.テつ You've been on a pretty good streak so far.テつ How about kind of tell us a little bit about your season and where your game's at right now?
TROY MATTESON:テつ I didn't start all that well this season.テつ And usually I don't get off to a good start, but as of late I've started to hole some more putts and started to save some of those pars, and it makes playing a little bit easier when you're doing those things.テつ And that's just something I haven't done early in the season.テつ So things are starting to come around, confidence is starting to rise a little bit, and I'm kind of an end‑of‑the‑season player anyway.テつ So I enjoy it.
NELSON SILVERIO:テつ Very good.テつ Open it up to questions.

Q.テつ Troy, if you can expand a little bit on how the greens are receiving the ball.テつ Is it like throwing darts out there right now?
TROY MATTESON:テつ If you hit it in the fairway with ball in hand, obviously you got a clean ball, perfect lie.テつ If you hit wedges they're spinning back, so guys out here don't ‑‑ some guys don't spin it very much, so those will obviously have a little easier time.テつ But for me staying back in that 9, 87 or 8 the ball hits and stops.テつ So you don't have to worry a whole lot about the balls getting away from you and with the par‑5s ball is pretty hitting the green and stopping.テつ Hit 3‑wood into 17 and it went about six yards.テつ So if you can get there it's a huge advantage.
Obviously early in the week those balls were running in the back or running off the edges, so it makes a big difference.

Q.テつ Are you staying right in the city of Hamilton?
TROY MATTESON:テつ I sure am.

Q.テつ Did you hear the storm last night?
TROY MATTESON:テつ I did.テつ Actually about 2:00 in the morning or 1 a.m., something like that, I remember waking up and hearing the thunder, so I wasn't really sure how much rain came down.テつ But there's no casual water out there, which is pretty odd.テつ You would have thought there would have been spots where it might have been really wet.テつ But the golf course drains off really well.テつ And all in all we could have played the ball down in our group but obviously if they get some this afternoon that's going to make a big difference.

Q.テつ Were you here two years ago, St. George's?
TROY MATTESON:テつ I don't know if I was ‑‑ no.テつ I don't think I was here two years ago.

Q.テつ St. George's is very much like this, an old‑style golf course, one of the better‑known ones in Canada.テつ And it rained.テつ It got a little humid out; it became very soft.テつ And a lot of people were saying, well, maybe ‑‑ it was the first time the Canadian Open had been played there in a long time.テつ They said maybe St. George's can't handle the Canadian Open anymore, but a lot of people were saying, well, hold on.テつ The conditions were pretty soft.テつ Can a golf course ‑‑ I guess what I was leading to is can a golf course kind of get a bad reputation because of something like this?
TROY MATTESON:テつ I think most people ‑‑ and you really need to explain it like this. テつYou know, you're in the Great Lakes region in the summertime basically.テつ I mean you're going to get rain, and when you get rain you're going to get a lot of rain.
The one year it was at Angus Glen, I don't think it rained that year very much.テつ Maybe didn't rain at all.テつ It was pretty firm there.テつ But guys didn't enjoy that course as much as they enjoy this course.テつ I think this is the guys' favorite place to play up here.テつ And the reason for that is you get a lot of variance in tee shots.テつ There's 3‑woods, 2‑irons, hybrids, drivers.テつ It's not like the typical caddie walks up to the tee box and hands you driver on every hole.テつ Sometimes on a par‑3, too.
Guys love this course because you gotta make shots.テつ You gotta turn it right‑to‑left, you gotta turn it left‑to‑right.テつ You really gotta think about what you're doing.テつ And when you look at the winners ‑‑ I think Furyk won here last time it was here, and he knows how to pick apart a golf course.テつ And that's what you have to do here.テつ You can't just hit driver everywhere and score out here.テつ You have to really think about where the pin is and what you want to hit off the tee and what you want into the green.
The other one I played is Glen Abbey.テつ And when rains at Glen Abbey, it does, it floods.テつ It cannot handle the water, and I don't know if it's because of the base material there or if it's just the way it's set up.テつ Once you get down to the bottom, it's pretty flat.テつ So that bottom holds a lot of water and even the front side holds a lot of water.テつ This golf course obviously has the contour to drain well.テつ So guys enjoy here.

Q.テつ (Inaudible)?
TROY MATTESON:テつ I mean if we get 10 to 20‑mile‑an‑hour winds and we get no rain the rest of the week, it's only going to improve.テつ They've done a fantastic job getting this golf course in shape, and I know it's been tough because there has been a lack of rain, and that does kind of mess things up, but the course is in wonderful shape.
NELSON SILVERIO:テつ Any more questions?テつ All right.テつ Troy Matteson, thank you.
TROY MATTESON:テつ Thank you.

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