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July 25, 2012

Sean O'Hair


LAURY LIVSEY:テつ We would like to welcome 2011 RBC Canadian Open champion Sean O'Hair into the interview room.テつ It's been a year since you won.テつ You're in a different part of the country, and a year later I wonder if you could just talk a little about the state of your game last year at this time to where it is right now.
SEAN O'HAIR:テつ Coming into the event last year I wasn't very sharp, to say the least.テつ I don't know how many cuts I missed in a row, but I missed quite a few cuts and just missed the cut at the British Open by a shot.テつ And played really well last year during the Canadian Open, and just kind of the start of the line for me, and was able to pull it off.
Right now, though, it feels kind of opposite.テつ I've been making a lot of cuts this year.テつ I think I've only missed three cuts and been playing pretty solid.テつ Just not quite putting four rounds together.テつ But I'm playing some nice golf.テつ So I'm looking forward to this week.テつ And I love this golf course.テつ I played it in '06, so I had some success back then, so hopefully I can kind of just keep it going and see how the week turns out.
LAURY LIVSEY:テつ You tied for third in '06 here, and yet you're defending on a course that you didn't win on.テつ Could you talk about that?
SEAN O'HAIR:テつ You know, it's a little bit different situation, I guess.テつ But something that's not uncommon in a national championship.テつ You know, U. S. Open obviously we don't have it at the same course every year.テつ So I think it's great that we play courses like this.テつ I mean Shaughnessy was awesome, one of my favorite courses I've ever played, and this is one of my favorites as well.テつ It's just a good, solid, old‑school golf course that we don't get to play places like this I don't think very much.テつ And it's fun to come to venues like this.
LAURY LIVSEY:テつ We'll take some questions.

Q.テつ Yeah, Sean.テつ You played here in '06.テつ What are some of the things that stood out in your mind?テつ Obviously it's an old‑school course?
SEAN O'HAIR:テつ Sure.

Q.テつ What things did you take from then that you're going to take into the course this week?
SEAN O'HAIR:テつ You know, in '06 the golf course was playing a little tougher, a lot firmer.テつ The rough was a little bit more brutal.テつ The greens were a little firmer and a little quicker.テつ I played here Monday, and Monday as opposed to today is two totally different golf courses.テつ I mean the greens were a lot firmer, the fairways were a lot firmer today and they were a lot faster.テつ So I'd say as the week goes on, it's going to get tougher, and you know, the conditions are hard enough as they are anyway, you know.
What I take from this golf course is it's got premium on hitting fairways, premium on hitting greens.テつ Give yourself as many opportunities at birdie as you can, and you know, if you don't putt like a blind man, you should be pretty good.

Q.テつ Sean, at first glance on Monday did you notice a difference in the rough compared to last year at Shaughnessy?テつ There was a lot of talk from players last year that the rough was too penal, too high, too thick.テつ I know that's got something to do with the climate out there, too?
SEAN O'HAIR:テつ Sure.

Q.テつ But did you notice an obvious difference at this course compared to last year at Shaughnessy?
SEAN O'HAIR:テつ You know, I think there's a big difference from right now to last year.テつ You know, this year is a little patchy.テつ You can get in a spot where it's a chip‑out.テつ But also you can kind of get in a spot that, you know, a yard from that bad spot that you can hit a pretty easy shot on the green.
Last year was if you were in the rough, you knew it was a chip‑out.テつ And it was very penal, but you know, it wasn't a very long golf course, and you kind of had to shape it a little bit out there.テつ I think it's kind of similar this week where it's not exactly a long golf course.テつ You kind of have to shape it around the course.
But yeah, I mean, you know, this year, there's going to be a little bit of luck involved because it is patchy, and I think that has to do with the climate that they've had.テつ It's been so hot and there's no rain up to this week, I guess.テつ So it'll be interesting to see what happens with that.テつ But I think the course is playing fair.テつ I think last year it was playing fair.
You know, normally we tend to complain when we're not playing well.
LAURY LIVSEY:テつ Any other questions?
SEAN O'HAIR:テつ Perfect.テつ Thank you.

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