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July 22, 2012

Mark Calcavecchia


Q.テつ Currently T10?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ Yeah, it was.テつ I kind of ran out of gas.テつ The last four or five holes was a struggle.テつ But, yeah, you know, you've got to look at the whole week.テつ And that's pretty good for me, so I'm happy with that.テつ Proud of my effort.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ Well, last week I couldn't read the greens.テつ I misread my last four putts.テつ I read the greens beautifully all week, and it's hard because there's a little left, a little right, a little straight, little nuances in these greens.テつ And I read them great all week and putted great.テつ Then I misread my last four putts horribly, and basically that's what happened the last 72 holes last week in Michigan; anything outside of two feet I wasn't sure if I was going to make it because I didn't know if it was straight, left, right.テつ I couldn't read the greens, and that's basically what happened last week.
I've made quite a few putts this week except today.テつ I made a couple; 10, 11, 12 were good putts and that was it.

Q.テつ How far were they?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ 10 was about a 15‑footer for birdie.
11 was about a 6‑footer for birdie.
12 was about a 10‑footer for par.
Other than that, that was it.テつ I made nothing else other than that.テつ Missed a couple of seven‑footers on the front for birdies.テつ I played pretty good up until the last four or five holes.テつ I hit a bad drive on 14, a big cut.テつ But I got lucky I was in the dirt over there.テつ It was fine.テつ But on the next hole, 15 the wind is in left‑to‑right, my least favourite wind, OB over there to the right, and it's not that far right, really, so naturally I smother one over in the left hay and made a bogey.
And from that point on ‑‑ 16 was a horrible mental error.テつ I've been hitting 4‑iron off that tee all week.テつ It was a 5‑iron, sand wedge hold today, and I was either going to make a 3 or 4 doing that, so I tried to hit driver and hit it five yards too far right and I couldn't even see my ball over there.テつ I made bogey on that hole, and that was a giveaway.テつ So that hurt.テつ But I managed to par the last two.

Q.テつ Did you have any expectations coming here?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ Figured if I didn't‑‑ I was hitting it good enough that if I didn't lose my mind, I'd have a chance to make the cut.テつ But that was about my only expectations.テつ If I could pick off a top 10, that was certainly way higher than what I was planning on, for sure.

Q.テつ How much different are the conditions out there today than the first few days?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ Not that bad.テつ The wind was‑‑ it was stronger.テつ I think the back nine played tougher than it has all week.テつ Especially 12 and 15, 17, 18 were playing pretty tough.テつ But it's not hard enough where you can't hit good shots and shoot a good score.テつ I'm surprised the scoring isn't quite a bit better, honestly.

Q.テつ Why do you think it is, the nerves?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ It could be.テつ It's a little bit surprising.テつ Quite honestly I guess just the pressure.テつ And I was feeling the pressure the last four or five holes just trying to‑‑ I knew I was obviously around the top 10 somewhere, and I wanted to finish in the top 10.テつ I threw a couple of bogeys in there.
But I don't know, this course is just‑‑ eventually it's going to get you, I think.テつ And even the guys that have played great all week, Adam, I saw he's back at 10‑under, though, he's looking good.テつ There's enough trouble out there that eventually you're going to make some bogeys.

Q.テつ I know there's still golf yet, but your observations of him?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ Well, right from when I first met him and saw his swing, I knew he was going to be awesome.テつ I think up to this point he's‑‑ he's won a lot of tournaments around the world but he hasn't won a major yet.テつ I think he underachieved with that swing, unreal distance and just a beautiful swing that I don't see how it could ever go wrong.
But he obviously wasn't putting very well and went to the long putter, and he's better with that.テつ I guess eventually he might have to go back to a short one.テつ But he's a great player and it's not a surprise he's winning.

Q.テつ He's a similar age you were when you won here?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ Right.テつ He's 29 or 30.

Q.テつ 32.
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ Oh, 32?テつ Yeah.テつ He's right in his prime.テつ He's still young, obviously.テつ And I'm 20 years older and still going at it.テつ So he's got a lot of golf left.

Q.テつ Surprised Tiger didn't make‑‑
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ Did he make a triple on the front nine?テつ Tripled 6?

Q.テつ That happens.
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ You know, he's hanging tough.テつ I figured he was going to shoot a couple under.テつ I thought he might get to 6‑ or 7‑under for the deal.テつ What did he start the day?テつ 6.テつ Yeah, I figured it would be around 6‑ to 8‑under.テつ I didn't see him going much lower than a couple under.テつ What was low round today?

Q.テつ Colsaerts shot 5‑under.
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ Right.テつ He was ahead of me and he shot a couple under.

Q.テつ How does this set you up for next week?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ I do, I love Turnberry.テつ I had a pretty good tournament there a few years ago, might have finished 20th, 20‑something.テつ I was in like the second‑to‑the‑last group going out on Saturday and I shot 71, 73 on the weekend.テつ But I do like the course.テつ I'm looking forward to it.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ A while back.テつ Yeah, it's been a good place for me.テつ I like it.テつ I'm looking forward to it.

Q.テつ Did you know this is your third top 10?テつ Does that surprise you at all?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ Yeah, it should be.テつ Out of 26 tries that's not that impressive.テつ But at least I had a 1 in there.テつ So that's the good news.

Q.テつ But at age 52 it's pretty impressive.
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ Yeah, it's a good accomplishment.テつ I'm sure I'll be a little happier later.テつ But I enjoyed myself this week.

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