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July 22, 2012

Lee Westwood


Q.  Any thoughts on the round?
LEE WESTWOOD:  Got off to a great start.  Bad shot at 4, pulled it in the rough.  Made double.  Just hit too many bad shots, really.

Q.  Obviously some big tournaments coming up.  Your thoughts on the Bridgestone and the PGA?
A.Looking forward to them.  Looking forward to playing in America again.  Played well there this year.  I've always seemed to play good in Akron.  Next Saturday I'll be playing in the FedExCup as well.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
LEE WESTWOOD:  Well, I made the cut.  I didn't have much of a game coming in here.  So I didn't expect too much.

Q.  Given the nature of links golf, The Open Championship seems to be the hardest of the four majors to win?
LEE WESTWOOD:  Might be, yeah.  You certainly need a bit more look at the Open Championship with the draw.  But that didn't really come into play this week.  That wasn't a factor.  Just a few good breaks.  Landing in the fairway, sometimes you can land on down slopes, sometimes up slopes, it can make 60, 70 yards of difference being in the fairway, being in the trap.  Obviously when you need to move on because you can be stuff or have a shot.  Probably the hardest of the four to win.

Q.  Is there I difference in being a contender in getting in over the line, more mental or technical?
LEE WESTWOOD:  No, not really.  I felt pretty calm in the major championships.  I had a lot of good chances and nearly won quite a few.

Q.  Are you kind of person who goes away from here and contemplates a lot about it?

Q.  Do you move on?
LEE WESTWOOD:  Rarely do I get in bad moods.

Q.  Seriously, you just‑‑
LEE WESTWOOD:  It's one of those things.  You play golf long enough you have no problem with it.  No, I'm presenting the trophy at the Lee Westwood's Guardian Championship tomorrow and the gym Tuesday morning and I'm going around my academies on Wednesday and then I'm flying off to the States Thursday.

Q.  Are you ready for the inevitable round of questions about turning 40 next year?
LEE WESTWOOD:  Life begins at 40, so they tell me.  You'd know better than me.  Oh, 60 is it?  Good.  Lots to look forward to, then.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
LEE WESTWOOD:  Well, you'd like to be coming into it ripping it, and every part of your game in good shape.  But sometimes it's not.  So sometimes you just have to make it what you've got.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
LEE WESTWOOD:  No, I like the schedule I play and the coaches I've got, I think they're all top of their tree.  I like the schedule I'm playing.  I've changed it this year to incorporate a PGA Tour.  I think you've seen me play better on that Tour than ever before this year.
Like I said, with the view of playing the FedExCup and I'll be actually be playing more over there this year.  I make my schedule and work with the people I want to work with.

Q.  Do you think spending more time in America (Inaudible.)
LEE WESTWOOD:  Yeah, so do you‑‑ yeah, I'm not doing it merely for the sake of it.  I think playing over there on the courses all the time and with those kind of practice facilities and the right kind of weather should have a big effect, yeah, considering three of the four majors are played there.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
LEE WESTWOOD:  It's a big decision, anytime you move your family from one place to another is a big decision, but we're obviously moving a long way.  But everybody is excited about it.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
LEE WESTWOOD:  We've been thinking about it for a couple of years now.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
LEE WESTWOOD:  The English winters and the English summers (laughter).  And the fact I like playing on the PGA Tour now.  I used to‑‑ it was well reported that I struggled over there, but over the last few years I've seemed to enjoy it a lot more and now have a good time over there.

Q.  How important is it not to get too down on yourself or frustrated‑‑
LEE WESTWOOD:  I never get down on myself, really.  I always look for the positives of everything.  I hit the ball okay today, but what I was working on I didn't quite get it right, I had a pretty big pull two or three times and one time it cost me double and one time it cost me bogey.  You just learn to live with it and just keep working on it.

Q.  You mentioned your day tomorrow, presenting the trophy?
LEE WESTWOOD:  Yeah, tomorrow evening.

Q.  Talk about the tournament and how that works?
LEE WESTWOOD:  It's a good tournament.  The kids seem to enjoy it.  They have a great day.  The golf course is in good condition.  I played it last week.  Hopefully it's a nice day, which it's forecast to be for, because we've had some rotten days recently, and hopefully we'll see some talent on display.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
LEE WESTWOOD:  Yeah, I think so, yeah.  I think he's a good manager.  I mean the main thing is all the players seem to like him.  And if the players will play for somebody then that makes a big difference, or if they won't play for somebody that makes an even bigger difference, which you see at many clubs.

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