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July 22, 2012

Nicolas Colsaerts


Q.  Tell us about today.
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Well, it's difficult not to have a smile on my face, really.  I was quickly under par, you know, gave myself chances a lot of times.  There's still a few that didn't drop.  But it's great to come down the last couple of holes like this and have your game on and looking at very small things and seeing reads on greens the way I was today.  It's very pleasurable.

Q.  And you saved that nicely up the last to repeat what you did on the first day?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Yeah, when I got to the 15th green, I told Brian, my caddie, that I wanted to finish under par where I had a decent chance for birdie on 15.  Then cherry on top, acquired a decent putt on 16.  17 was very close again and just didn't really hit a good putt.  But the 4 on the last is everything I could have hoped for.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Well, under par ‑‑ I knew that under par was going to look close to top ten.  The forecast said that it was going to blow quite a bit this afternoon, so I thought if I started off pretty good and kept it going, I might have a good chance to finish top ten somewhere.

Q.  Is there a slight feeling of what might have been because you started so well, you finished so well?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  No, because Thursday felt a long time ago.  I have not played particularly well Friday, and yesterday I played really good the last two hours of my round.  So you know, those last two hours were crucial for me to keep the chin up and know exactly that I was able to produce some good score on this course.

Q.  Do you have any thoughts on what this does Ryder Cup points wise?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  No idea.  I know it's going to be quite a jump, but then again, there's still three weeks to go, and there's still a lot of chances for me as well as the others to play well and shake up things.  So I'd rather not think about it.

Q.  There was a few birdies there.  There's not really been that many birdies out there today.  What was the best one?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  The best one was probably the 1st.  I mean, I hit a fantastic shot onto the 1st and got the round going and got in a great mood, and since yesterday I got the pace of the greens very good, and I was reading breaks really good, as well.  So every time I was inside 20, 25, 30, I felt like I was at least going to shave and give myself a decent chance.

Q.  Did the wind pick up?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Yeah, when I got to 15 it felt like it was blowing maybe a smidge more than it had been early on, but I assume it's going to keep on blowing like that.

Q.  What's your schedule now after this?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  I'm going home for a few days.  I'm playing an exhibition with two young guys in Belgium.  One of them just won NCAA individuals in America, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what they have in the tank.  But it's good to see young Belgian guys picking up.  It's cool.

Q.  And then on to America?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Then on to America for two weeks, and then one week break and then England.

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