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July 20, 2012

Ernie Els


ERNIE ELS:  Yeah, I shot 70.  Around the back nine I really could have been a little better.  I think it was all the rain.  And it didn't just quite roll the same for me as yesterday.  The surfaces were a little bit different.  But in any case, I missed quite a few putts but I played nicely.

Q.  How good were the scoring conditions today?
ERNIE ELS:¬† It was perfect.¬† The last two rounds was just absolutely perfect.¬† You can't ask for better weather.¬† So I guess I was also trying to push, trying to get some birdies going.¬† And especially early on my second nine, three‑putted 10 and I missed a short birdie on 11.¬† If I made those two, maybe it could have been a little different.¬† But it was absolutely perfect out there today.

Q.  Have you seen what Scott and Snedeker have done so far?
ERNIE ELS:¬† Well, I think obviously they're making putts.¬† I think there's‑‑ myself, especially, if I could have made a couple more putts maybe I could be near there.¬† But that's great playing.

Q.  It looked like you were really putting well, especially on the front nine.  Just some bad luck on the greens?
ERNIE ELS:  Well, I played better on the back nine.  The front nine I made bogey on 6 which I chopped it around there a little bit and made a bad bogey on 5.  So I wasn't too pleased with my front nine.  The back nine I hit it really nice.  I could have made some birdies if I could have been a little closer.

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