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July 20, 2012

Matt Kuchar


Q. Talk about your round.
MATT KUCHAR:  Yeah, it was good.  Conditions were wonderful.  We got started and got a little scared on the third tee, some cold wind started blowing and some rain started blowing, and it looked like it could be a long afternoon.  Fortunately things cleared up, and as the round went on, it seemed like the weather got nicer and nicer, the course became more and more playable.  It's soft out there for an Open course, and with no wind it's really a chance to take advantage.
You saw Snedeker, and I got to witness Adam Scott take advantage.  He played really strong golf for two days.

Q.  How about having one of the top rounds for the entire day?  You've got to be pleased.  It's not an easy course even with the weather conditions?
MATT KUCHAR:  Even with the conditionsthere are 203 bunkers out there that makes it really challenging.  I think I only found one of them off the tee today, and that was just a chip‑out, take your bogey and go.
I've been playing some good golf, and it feels like later into the round I feel like my game gets better and better, which was nice.  The last two rounds I feel like later into the round I've just gotten more comfortable and more and more comfortable around here and played some better golf.

Q.  Is there something different that clicked?  Because the conditions got a little bit calmer.
MATT KUCHAR:  Conditions got calmer, I feel like you kind of maybe get over the early‑round jitters of a British Open and just get more comfortable with how you're playing.

Q.  How about as well as you're playing, you've still got a heck of a climb because these guys are playing so amazing?
MATT KUCHAR:  Yeah, yeah.  I mean, we went out late this afternoon and saw Snedeker post a good round, and that's pretty amazing to be 10‑under through two rounds around here.  That's just a fantastic score.  And Adam kept the pedal down and kept making birdies.  He's right there.  I've got my work cut out for me to catch them.  But fortunately it's the halfway mark, and I think conditions will be good, so it will probably take some low scoring over the weekend to give the title a real run.

Q.  A lot of players are talking about how much more difficult the hole locations are today.
MATT KUCHAR:  Yeah, we talked about that a little bit.  It seemed like the pins were cut on the back of little ridges, on the top of knobs.  It seemed like the pins were definitely tougher.  Understandable.  Even with some of the tougher hole locations, you don't get big sweeping, big breaks, you don't get fast putts, but certainly if you're on the right side it becomes a lot easier.  These greens are, for the most part, flat enough and kind of soft enough that you can put some more challenging pins out there.

Q.  Are you aware of the conditions that are supposed to be on Sunday, close to 30‑mile‑an‑hour winds?  How would that affect‑‑ anything could happen?
MATT KUCHAR:  I have not seen that in the forecast.

Q.  I have.
MATT KUCHAR:  The forecasts I've seen so far have all been wrong.  So I don't put a whole lot of stock in what's coming.  I think all of us would like to see some more British Open‑like conditions.  I think everybody would like to have a little bit more wind just to test us a little bit more out here.

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